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Speedy Backups and replication with Minimal Downtime from NSPL.

Business Challenges of Private Banks in data management:

  • A slow, manual VMware backup procedure.
  • Too lengthy and complex VMware backup and recovery process
  • Backups were flooding the network with traffic the next day.
  • Too much manual intervention needed to give the all-around
  • Users got affected by the flooded


Private Banks require a Reliable and speedy backup solutions should offer the solution for the following requirements.

 To improve backup speed:

Significant improvement in backup window.Can run backups every night without impacting the 24-hour operations.

To replicate virtual machines hosting client-facing applications:

Quick failover to a standby virtual machine when a virtual machine goes down minimize the downtime. This results in higher system availability and happier clients. Improvement in cross-site replication of the essential systems helps in updating business continuity plans.

Fast and simple file-level restoration:

Fast and simple file-level restoration from backups gives them a much faster response time to dreaded user error. The file-level restore process used to take up to 24 hours. But Now with this Fast and simple file-level restoration process, it takes less than 30 minutes for the restoration process.

The best solution for Private Banks- Navigator system Backup and Replication  :

The Benefits:

Decreases backup window from all weekend to just hours:

Once Navigator systems Backup & Replication is implemented, the VMware backup window decreased from all weekend to several hours. Backups no longer run into the next day and impact operations. And, no staff overtime must be paid to support the long and laborious backups of the past.

Increases system availability for clients by quickly replicating virtual machines that host client-facing applications

If a virtual machine that hosts client-facing applications goes down, the IT Department of the private banks uses Navigator systems  Backup & Replication to fail over to a standby virtual machine, resulting in higher system availability, minimal downtime, and happier clients. In addition, the IT Department successfully improved cross-site replication of its essential systems, which enabled the Bank managers to update their business continuity plans.

Provides fast and simple file-level restores, increasing response time to user error

Before Navigator systems Backup & Replication was implemented, the file-level restore process took up to 24 hours. Now it takes less than 30 minutes with NSPL solution, increasing the IT Department’s response time to user error.

Since 1996 Navigator systems have established itself as a best Indian consolidation and virtualization specialist by adopting the best products in the high-end server and storage marketplace. Over the past 1 year, Navigator systems have gone from strength to strength in designing, delivering, and implementing complex server and storage solutions for numerous customers covering a wide range of industry sectors.

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