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Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Migration

Migrate and modernize your VMware workloads to VMware on Azure with NSPL expert Cloud Migration Services

Fixed-Price Cloud Migration Services for VMware on Azure

You can now get scale, automation and fast provisioning for your VMware workloads on global Azure infrastructure with NSPL specialist Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Services and Product Capability.

  • Run your application workloads in a familiar, tried and trusted environment
  • Maintain your investment in VMware vSphere (people, process and technology)
  • Benefit from the scalability, automation and DevOps that Public Cloud offers

From discovery & assessment through migration delivery and post-migration validation, NSPL bears the risk and the reward of delivery at a price point that is unmatched in the marketplace.


About us: Navigator System provides fast, reliable, and affordable Infrastructure Solution and Professional Services for both SMBs and large enterprises. Built with best class Solution and support in mind, NSPL offers enterprise-grade level functionality, while being lightweight and easy to to protect their critical data in virtualized and hybrid environments.

NSPL Vmware solution offers you complete suite of backup, replication, and recovery features for physical, virtual, and cloud environments. By providing you with great flexibility and multiple automation options, VMWare solution saves you time and resources, allowing you to direct your attention elsewhere.