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BackUp, Recovery and Archive (BURA) Solutions and Appliances : BackUp, Recovery, and Archive (BURA) Solutions is always required for customers need to improve business resilience and uptime, reduce management costs, and secure their data assets for long-term retention The Deduplication and compression are the most valuable for enterprise backup storage device.

You can do fast recovery of files or Virtual Machines if requirement being on-premises. The on-premises protected data comprises data center workloads, such as file share, file system, operating system, database, email, content management data, CRM and ERP. BackUp, Recovery and ArchiveThe backup and recovery software products provide features such as

• Traditional backup to tape

• Backup to conventional random-access media such as a hard disk or solid-state drives or devices that emulate the previous backup targets such as virtual tape library [VTL]

• Data reduction such as compression, deduplication or single instancing, • Array and/or server-based snapshot, heterogeneous replication, and continuous data protection (CDP)

• Integration and exploitation of the cloud, particularly the public cloud

• Backup target or to a colocation facility.

Good To Know

1. There are only 2 leadersEMC (Data Domain) and HPE (StoreOnce). StoreOnce technology is completely developed and owned by HPE R&D Labs and Data Doman by EMC.

2. StoreOnce works on the concept of variable chunking (breaking down data blocks into smaller pieces) and hence is the most granular De-Duplicating device in the market. HPE StoreOnce with Data Protector as the de-duplication engine is the same. Hence, with a SO + DP enables you to have a FEDERATED DEDUPacross application (media) server/ backup server and target (StoreOnce) – This is a unique proposition.

3. Deduplication and Compression are completely switched ALWAYS ON and INLINE – i.e. data before written to disk is already optimized! EMC for DeDeupe AVAMAR Software and Data Domain Boost.

What’s in it for me?

1. Fine grained De-Dup & Compression ensures smallest footprint of usable disk space to backup large amounts of data. – LESSER USABLE SPACE

2. Large install base across multiple verticals – BANKS/ Manufacturing Institutes/ Insurance Companies/ IT& ITES Companies/ Stock Exchange

3. Backup and recovery solutions works well with Veritas NetBackup, VEEAM, Commvault, SAP HANA. Best of all – Software Defined Storage edition, run on VMWARE, HYPER-V on any industry standard server. Get all the features of De-Dup/ Compression/ Replication/ Encryption!

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