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Blockchain technology is based on Critical Distributed Ledger Technology that underpins Crypto currency, along with a host to provide a safe and secure way to speed international payments and improve cross-border business.

  • R3’s Corda, the leader in distributed ledger technology (DLT), which is based on blockchain, is being used to create a system for secure, cross-border payments. Other distributed ledgers such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, Chain Core and BlockApps.
  • These platforms are used for the processing of credit card transactions. Using these platform, the distributed ledger technology is integrated. Mission Critical DLT registers transactions via a decentralized computer network.
  • Organization look to scale mission-critical processes, on premise infrastructure must be part of the mix of traditional IT, private and public cloud that’s needed to meet the requirements of enterprise-grade blockchain workloads support for performance, security, scalability and reliability.
  • Since public cloud does not always meet non-functional requirements (NFR),to scale on-premise infrastructure for the most important processes must be part of the mix of traditional IT and private and public clouds. This mix is needed to meet all requirements for blockchain workloads.
  • An HSM is a cryptoprocessor that securely generates, protects, and stores keys. A successful Blockchain system needs highly reliable methods of interfacing with the strong key protection practices afforded by HSMs, and these HSMs must deliver the scaling and flexibility a decentralized blockchain model needs.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) applications combine the message and the asset in a single token. If the wallet holding keys with asset underlying in blockchain protocol. So instant exploitation is impossible. In traditional IT model, a key protects the database, which in turn protects the data or the asset.

HPE Integrity NonStop platforms– Fault Tolerant Servers

HPE introduces with the Mission Critical DLT server provides users with the availability and reliability required for blockchain-related business applications, without requiring users to invest in the infrastructure they need. The solution is scalable and supports SQL integration and MQ infrastructure.

Cloud Platform

Azure Cloud

In 2015, Microsoft to offer BaaS (Blockchain as a service) on its Azure cloud platform.

Oracle Hyperledger Project Fabric 1.0:

Oracle has collaboration tool for building out blockchain-based business networks

IBM blockchain on Cloud

A managed service for Hyperledger Fabric that makes it fast and easy to build, run and govern blockchain business networks.

Use case: other than Financial services

Blockchain depends on application software and cryptography so we can extend to other activities

Blockchain in Supply chain management:

Blockchain-based procurement system will have tailored ERP systems to manage complex multi-party procurement arrangements from approved vendors and pay for procurement activities within their existing business rules and systems

Recruitment industry:

Educational history and professional is added to the blockchain and verified by the relevant organization. So Blockchain-verified CVs to facilitate the exchange of information and data between different parties throughout the recruitment process

Health care Medical industry:

From medical records to the pharmaceutical supply chain to smart contracts for billing payment documentation eliminating redundant administrative units and interoperability of health data to maintain the entire lifecycle of a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), there are plenty of opportunities to leverage.

Patient health data from IoT enabled medical equipment has values if interconnected with health records accessed by providers and patients though blockchain infrastructure

Government and regulatory applications:

Government can transform regulatory compliance, contract management, identity management and other important citizen services to change into smart cities.

  1. Streamline Aadhaar ID verification to reduce business registration times.
  2. Blockchain-based program that would allow visitors to better earn and spend loyalty points to tourism.
  3. Wills and Contracts to ease transfer of ownership by transformed with Blockchain program.
  4. Blockchain’s enable to address the challenges of sharing data within government organization.

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