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Most CIOs accept the fact that the “Infrastructure as a service” model becoming satisfied with their current industry experience & budget wise compared than cloud services received.

Of course, we have to keep servers and storages in-house as well. In that case, recently General Hospital has added Dell EMC Compellent Storage maintenance platform to host mission-critical applications and patient data, including electronic health records.

Some hospital only refreshes its IT infrastructure every seven years because of tight budgets, so taking on cloud infrastructure service that inflates his operating expenses just is not an option. General Hospital find an outsourcing way as IT is considered overhead for hospitals. So we need to keep our operational cost as minimal as possible.

Cloud and Cost Benefit

While cloud service providers giving “OpEx” budget instead of high capital expenditures required to set up internal infrastructure, GST and other taxation benefits can support CapEx setup. Customer knows his very well that OpEx costs are under control, With the Dell EMC Compellent Storage program that deploys once and then delivers upgrades for a decade.

In-house data center provide more control

Any private/ public sector firms are opting to outsource so that they can keep data centers under their thumb.

If want to make a change or Upgrade, we make it. Don’t have other people controlling either our software or hardware.

To keep the data on-premises to protect as intellectual property. The formulae that make up its various health supplement products are all unique as per research and development investments in health sciences.

IT support and Maintenance Vs “New Purchase” Storage

The other IT leaders are support with their outsourcing experience that we give them the right response and the quick turnaround times that business requires today.

The most common benefit sought by CIO from their outsourcing partners is a reduced time spent on infrastructure. On the other hand, the ability to focus on their core business as hospitality service.

So it may be that few companies like Navigator System can see IT infrastructure as absolutely crucial to keep under their watch are those that seek outsourcing more often. Other popular benefits sought from outsourcing include: better efficiency, reduced costs, and improved employee productivity.


Backing at General Hospital, getting not all that out of his brand new flash storage arrays and maintain productive storages can be maintained by IT project as transformative to their business.

Now, more of the patient record is becoming electronic with richer data files. We need a platform that can keep up with that and be resilient. You could outsource that and allows us to keep it integrated and provide future growth and capacity.

We can expect their usage of it will remain flat for at least two or more years.

Download pdf: Navigator System maintenance storage for hospitals

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