HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Server AMC

Even the HPE Design rx2800 Server, Safe, and a Dependable 2U UNIX server that is two-socket can be just a significant match for division offices along with server information centers behind a wide selection of work-loads. With as much as 3.5X operation, 2 1 percent less electricity ingestion, also 3 3 percent reduce TCO, the design rx2800 i-4 Server will more. It empowers work-load consolidation and applications licensing financial economies by way of HPE digital Partitions (vPars) or Virtual Machines (VMs). In contrast, HPE In-Sight applications and HPE built-in lights out 3 (iLO 3) raise employees’ productivity. HPE Serviceguard service along with v 3 offers disaster restoration capacity and resiliency. The design rx2800 Server comes from tower configurations with acoustics for installation at infrastructure contested office surroundings and provides configuration versatility.


Even the HPE Pairing Server that is rx2800 promotes performance up over 2U footprint with just one or two 2 Intel Itanium 9500 collection chips using eight or four cores along with memory bandwidth that is 33 percent.

  • Scale-up into 16 cores, 384 GB of memory, 7.2 TB of internal memory along with 6 (6) PCI e Gen-2 I/O slots.
  • Reduce Your energy, Distance also it sources prerequisites to get a 33 percent lower overall price of ownership (TCO). Eat up 21 significantly much less Consolidate numerous applications onto fewer servers and also rescue software licensing prices using HPE digital Partitions (vPars) and Profession Virtual Machines (VMs).
  • Consolidate Numerous Software on servers and also rescue software licensing prices using HPE digital Partitions and Coding Virtual Machines (VMs).

Increased IT employees Productivity through improved HPE Integrity built-in lights out 3 (ILO 3), HPE In-Sight SW Suite, HPE technique Insight Manager (SIM), technique In-Sight Screen (SID) during HPE Converged Infrastructure style and layout and style.

Make Risk-free

Even the HPE Pairing Rx2800 i4 server utilizes resiliency on the other side of the machine heap *Error detection, correction and isolation for both chips, memory and cache Hot-plug storage, hot-plug N+N supporters and electrical energy.

  • It provides *virtualized work-load migration along with error isolation with HPE digital Partitions.
  • HPE-UX 11i V 3 Operating-system using HPE Serviceguard for long-distance or local availability or disaster restoration and resiliency attributes.

Get in-server safety Qualities to encourage your organizational stability coverage *Shop passwords and security keys together using optional Reputable systems Module (TPM), a hardware-based technique security characteristic. *Securely handle distant servers using SSL encryption (128-bit) of all HTTP info across this system.

Rely On HPE Technological Innovation Maintain processes functioning and services knowledge to address the infrastructure issues.

Play It For You Prefer

HPE Integrity rx2800 I-4 Server might also be deployed in rackmount, office or tower friendly shape facets (with low acoustics) providing flexibility.

  • Start little with four cores, 8 GB memory, 146 GB storage, two I/O slots along with enlarging to 16 cores, 384 GB memory, 16 7.2 TB storage along with 6 I/O slots.
  • Split strategy Calculating, memory, I/O, and storage tools to directly successfully meet varying user fill conditions with HPE digital Partitions along with also HPE Coding Virtual Machines (VMs).

Tailor method Work-load and Infrastructure specifications option — HDDs, SSDs, Converged Network Adapters, Inch Gb/s or 10 Gb/s 2, 4 Gb/s or Community Adapters Gb/s Multifunction Adapters, Fiber Channel Adapters, 6 Gb/s SAS Controllers, Images and quad data-rate InfiniBand adapter.

HPE Integrity rx2800 i2 Server AMC

The two-socket HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server is an Economical and straightforward way to improve performance and take advantage of your rack-mount investments. Using also six I/O enlargement slots, even the most current Intel ® Itanium ® 9300 collection quad-core chips, up to 384 GB DDR3 memory, the Integrity rx2800 Server could scale to execute a variety of mission-critical applications. Its built-in resiliency, high-level server management functions, ENERGY STAR® and Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) Level 3 certifications, and also 2U calculate density to create the Integrity rx2800 I 2 Server a perfect selection for smaller sized, much more distant, or heritage rack-mount surroundings.

Scaling Allows You to run an Array of Mission-critical applications in a 2U footprint accentuates performance gains:

You are given by the Integrity rx2800 I-2 Server up Performance improvement more than previous-generation servers.1

  • By two quad-core Intel Itanium, 9300 Sequence processors Provide eight cores of computing strength
  • 2 4 DIMM slots up to 384 GB of DDR3 memory and the meet with Needs of one’s memory-intensive software
  • HP Intelligent Array, P410i Controller Assists, increase the functionality
  • 8 hot-plug little form factor (SFF) SAS Hard Drive drives
  • Six PCI Express (PCIe) I/O slots along with four incorporated GbE LAN ports

Rightsize the solution:

You May customize the Integrity rx2800 I 2 Server for Enhanced application rate and responsiveness, and to fit your financial plan. With an array of I/O slots, along with processors, memory, storage, that support rack- or even deskside configurations, various project requirements can be addressed by you also.

Dedicate enhanced resiliency:

The Integrity rx2800 Server offers enhanced resiliency With builtin continuity and availability characteristics to continue to keep your business running without disturbance:

  • Mission-critical UNIX®–HP UX 11i enables accessibility, Accelerates invention, also simplifies operations.
  • Double-chip spare supplies 17x higher memory Dependability Than single-chip spare.
  • Intel Itanium 9300 Series processor provides up to 2x better visibility than processors1 through features including latches and Intel Cache risk-free Technology.
  • Redundant hot-plug electricity and hot-swappable buffs facilitate serviceability.
  • The trusted platform module (TPM) empowers the creation of Cryptographic keys to improve protection.
  • NEBS Level 3 accreditation with –4-8 Vdc power provides Enable product operability.

Electricity usage and advance energy efficiency:

Reduce the energy intake server. And improve your energy efficacy with HP Thermal Logic Systems, Which provide cooling and power system. Furthermore, 1,200-watt fully N+N Redundant power supplies that are high-efficiency support low line and Highline power, together with power metering and energy.

HP Integrity rx2660 Server AMC

The HP Integrity Server offers you new levels of price. It’s a cheap and adaptive platform in the IT environment that produces overall performance and top rack density per watt.

The HP Integrity rx2660 machine provides flexibility and high levels of performance employing the Intel Itanium2 range of all CPUs. HP Integrity rx2660 servers offer you exceptional functionality capacities with processing speeds ranging from 1.6Ghz only centre to 1.6Ghz dual-core, around eight 2.5″ SAS hard disks and up to 64GB of memory. Other valuable features of HP rx2660 rack servers incorporate a choice of PCI-X or even PCI e I/O technologies to 2.4TB of internal storage ability, the choice of the rackmount or base form factor, a 12MB Grade 3 cache, and more.

Irrespective of your business enterprise dimensions, HP Integrity rx2660 servers will be able to assist you to increase the return on investment and scale with the increase of your organization. For example, an affordable and flexible server system, H-P rx2660 rack servers are great to get a vast array of software, including business-critical applications, Java firm intelligence, specialized computing and transaction workloads. HP Integrity rx2660 servers supply full access as well as virtualization capacities with double chip memory, simple followers, and redundant power supplies. Coding rx2660 servers also include simple handling applications like HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM), HP Integrated Lights Out 2 (iLO 2), and even HP System Insight show. Willing to improve your IT productivity, both rx2660 servers offer serviceability capabilities, higher density, and security functions that allow people to reevaluate data center risk readily.

Outstanding flexibility:

The HP Integrity rx2660 Server enables you to Decide on the proper Environment for your workload. Besides, you additionally have the selection of rack-optimized or base (paid down acoustics) sort facets and I/O technologies (PCI-X or a combination of PCI-Express /-X). The design rx2660 Server contains all the management, accessibility, and safety qualities you assume, making it possible for easy integration and control to both deployment and redeployment along with a heterogeneous IT environment. Also H-P host technologies, for example, fittings racks, and management tools, add to increased flexibility and also return on your IT expense.

Clear direction and installation:

Using the Coding rx2660 Server, you can deploy a High-performing standalone, clustered, or spread computing version. Robust and integral management programs –which includes HP program Insight Display, HP SIM, HP Integrity necessities, iLO two remote control, HP Global Workload Manager (GWM), HP Rapid Deployment Pack, and also HP OpenView applications. These are using the coding rx2660 Server for faster, more effective server installation and lower operational costs. You may manage your servers with the same tools you utilize to take care of one’s infrastructure’s rest from a single interface–which promotes better command and efficacy, along with an encounter.

Improved IT productivity and availability that is secured:

The design rx2660 Server Provides wide-ranging Highavailability characteristics — including double processor spare memory, followers, redundant power tools, and error checking and correcting. These to protect the computer data integrity, enhance software availability, and also reduce the maintenance period that is proposed. Using some Reputable Platforms Module (TPM), many robust security capabilities like authentication and authorization, which are built into all of the operating surroundings, create this ideal platform for secure transactions. Plus, HP StorageWorks’ portfolio of network storage solutions which makes it simpler for the organization to enhance information accessibility while drastically cutting prices, and guard data.

Improved utilization and service levels:

The HP Digital Server Natural environment (VSE) supplies adaptive capacity that helps you improve server Use in time. With all the VSE’s integration of intelligent control With partitioning and higher accessibility (via options including HP Serviceguard), You May Produce a pool of all virtual servers which develop or psychologist Predicated in your organization priorities. To Boost Your consolidation initiatives, The Integrity rx2660 Server affirms both HP Integrity Virtual devices and HP Secure Resource Partitions, letting you share your server ability among Much distinctive software.

HP Integrity rx2620 Server AMC

The HP Integrity rx2620 server will be powered by one to two Intel Itanium 2 chips that supply a cost-effective yet powerful entrance and improves price/performance in Linux company HPUX, Microsoft Windows, or OpenVMS surroundings.

  • HP Integrity Rx2620 servers will be perfect for technical calculating customers to do far more simulations, perform more in-depth research, run complex models faster, and render top quality images with increased overall functionality.
  • The newest HP Integrity RX2620 server offers top price, Scalability, and Functionality selections by utilizing the broadest range of both Intel Itanium 2 chips and both low-voltage and high-performance CPUs.
  • The HP Integrity RX2620 server offers tremendous growth potential by enabling upgrades to prospective Intel Itanium chips.

Turn along with your HP RX2620 Server to On Queue Pc System for assistance With 26 years running an operation supporting heritage workstations.

HP Integrity rx2600 Server AMC

Even the HP Integrity rx2600 server, driven by  2 Intel Itanium 2 chips, enriches price/performance in company HP UX, Linux, or even Windows® environments. It is a cheap yet secure entrance into tech with enormous growth capacity.

Boost business agility

Together with Intel Itanium 2 processors at 1.5 GHz with 6M L3 cache or 1.3 GHz with 3M L3 cache as well as 2-4 GB of memory HP P Integrity rx2600 machine makes it possible to achieve more performance, improve business procedures, and also manage your IT more economically. Even the HP Integrity rx2600 server enables technical computing customers to perform a lot much far additional simulations, do extra in-depth investigation, run complex models faster, and also leave high-quality graphics with enhanced functionality.

  • Industrial computing users can conduct their software with exceptional efficiency, lowered costs, and reduced complexity. Considerable Itanium-based techniques undergo and also codeveloper insights led in un-matched H-P method performance profits throughout the maturation of this HP Scalable Processor Chipset zx1.
  • Developed by HP, the zx1 chipset entirely unleashes the power of Intel Itanium 2 processors by lowering memory latencies and increasing memory and I/O subsystem scalability.
  • With all the HP zx1 chipset, Itanium 2-based HP Integrity servers reach industry-leading performance and memory. The operation achieved throughout the Itanium chip itself and also the corresponding zx1 chipset is farther enriched if rx2600 servers have been found at a clustering resolution.
  • Due to the fact, just about every and every HP Integrity rx2600 machine is only 3.5 inches (2U), clustering numerous HP Integrity rx2600 servers packs unparalleled performance right to a thickly populated, cheap remedy.
  • Clusters permit the entry of machine tools like I/O, memory, bandwidth, mass storage, and also calculate ability.

Even the cluster options optimize application accessibility make sure information integrity and also reduce planned upkeep period. No matter one’s own choice of HPUX, Linux, or Windows, HP includes a robust, adaptable, highly available, and easily handled audience strategy to satisfy your requirements.

Evolve your infrastructure

HP offers a complete scope of solutions. In case you are prepared to take advantage of calculating supplies. We are going to allow you to fast and introduce HP Integrity servers and optimize their capacity. We provide appraisal solutions to specify particular prerequisites and graph a path to installation and execution solutions to configure and install gear instantly—instruction solutions to give your workers with all the expertise essential to attain optimum system functionality. Through the duration of the changeover method, H-P takes full liability for providing the ceremony obligations we and also our spouses are now left.

Along with also our devotion to your satisfaction will not end with all the transition procedure. Our service offers –out of simple responsive to complete assignment crucially –lessen the pitfalls related to down-time the moment your HP Integrity techniques have been all already installed.

HP Integrity rx1620 Server AMC

The HP Integrity rx1620 server Will Be A very affordable server that helps space-constrained environments with 1U stand design kind variable (lowest in the market ), enabling around 80 Low voltage Intel Itanium two ( 6.4GFLOPS per chip ) to be accommodated at a standard 19-inch rack.

  • HP Integrity rx1620 server also provides the best mixture of price/performance and lower overall price of ownership.
  • Predicated on Intel Itanium 2 processors, HP Integrity rx1620 servers achieve industry-leading performance and memory.
  • The HP scalable chip chipset ZX 1 gives midsize and massive enterprises the flexibility to deploy the design rx1620 in Linux, company HP-UX, OpenVMS, and Windows operating environments.
  • HP Integrity rx1620 servers are ideal for compact Technical calculating clusters. It Allows You to Carry out simulations along with Comprehensive evaluations and to conduct versions that are advanced and render images Using rate.

The HP Integrity rx1620 Server has got excellent functionality for Technical applications in MSC Nastran, StarCD, computer-aided technology, Life/material/geosciences, defence and government, style and design automation, And scientific investigation.