How to Slash IT Hardware Support Costs

How to Slash IT Hardware Support Costs

How much are you spending to support all the equipment in your company? Depending on your company size, IT hardware support costs can potentially consume up to two-thirds of the IT budget. So how can you drastically reduce the costs of maintaining your hardware without sacrificing the quality of support you receive?

IT Hardware Support Costs

Are you looking for ways to cut your maintenance costs? Here are 5 ways to dramatically reduce your support costs and obtain the service you expect from Navigator System.


How much are you spending to support all the equipment in your data center? Depending on the industry and company size, IT hardware support costs can potentially consume up to two-thirds of the IT budget. What are some of the ways that you can drastically reduce the cost to maintain your storage, server, and network hardware? Let us help you find money-saving tactics to trim the IT infrastructure, without sacrificing the quality of support you receive.



Think support for your data center hardware is a “one-SLA-fits-all” scenario? Think again! Third-party support allows you to pay only for the services that your equipment actually requires. You aren’t forced into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your storage hardware that you don’t really need. Want Level 1 support for your entire data center? Third-party maintenance providers can do that!

But, if your organization is like many others, you don’t need Level 1 response for every piece of equipment within your data center. Flexible SLAs enable you to customize the level of support for each piece of equipment as needed, so if some parts need 4-hour-on-site response and less critical equipment only needs next-business-day parts, you can tailor a support solution specific to your environment.

Additionally, third-party support can give you the ability to change or modify the specifics on your service agreement at any time. So, if you have equipment that has lapsed in maintenance coverage, you can add it to your maintenance service agreement (MSA) without having to worry about potential recertification fees to put that equipment back onto support.

Choose a support provider that offers coterminous maintenance agreements to have all your support contracts renew at the same time. This saves time and money by reducing administrative hassles for your team and redirecting that effort in more productive ways.



Keeping accurate and up-to-date information about your data center assets and system configurations can help ensure that you receive support pricing quoted specifically for your data center’s equipment. Support quotes typically take multiple factors into account other than SLA, including the age and type of the hardware, the physical location of the hardware, and the configuration. If you don’t have a full understanding of the equipment in your data center, you may be over- paying for support you don’t need on equipment you no longer use.

Prior to renewing your maintenance agreement, conduct an internal audit of your equipment. This will help ensure that you are not renewing support services on equipment that is no longer active. Having accurate information about your hardware will allow you to get the quote you need the first time around.



When you purchase storage, server, or networking equipment brand new from the OEM, that hardware comes with a warranty for a certain period of time. After the warranty expires, the OEM will typically spike the cost to support the post-warranty equipment, in an effort designed to push you to upgrade your hardware to the newest generation of product. However, the hardware could still be valuable in your data center for several more years before you may decide to upgrade or replace it.

One way to save money on hardware support is by using a third-party maintenance vendor to extend the life of your equipment. Third-party support protects your equipment after the OEM warranty has expired at a fraction of the OEM maintenance quote – typically 30-70% less. Not only will you be saving money on the support contract, but you also won’t have to upgrade and replace your hardware as often, allowing you to retain the control of choosing what to upgrade and when , as it fits your organization’s budget and needs.



Unless all of the equipment within your data center is mission-critical, it is likely that you don’t need to have same-day service for parts replacement for that equipment. Mismatching SLAs to the equipment’s needs is a common way to overspend on your hardware support. Service-level disparities on your equipment may be caused by a provider requiring the same SLA for all equipment in your environment, or may be another result of poor asset management and incomplete decommissioning of equipment.

Your organization may require the most comprehensive SLA on all your hardware, but then again, it may not—so you should try to match the SLA with equipment type and use to avoid overspending. While it may seem safer to put every piece of equipment under a high SLA, at a certain point, over-provisioning that level of support will become wasteful and expensive. By adjusting your maintenance service agreements to next-business-day parts replacement for equipment that isn’t mission-critical, you can end up saving a considerable amount of money in support costs.

How to Slash IT Hardware Support Costs

QUICK TIP: No matter what SLA you have for parts replacement, ask your support provider about the testing process for spares, so you can feel confident that the replacement part has been tested and certified to work when you need it.

These money-saving tactics can be used to trim the IT maintenance budget without having to sacrifice the level of care you need for your data center hardware. Third-party support can maintain your storage, server, and networking equipment at a cost up to 70% off OEM support prices. WANT TO START SAVING? To learn more about third-party support and if it is the right fit for your organization’s needs, visit or call 9986288377

Data Center Downtime is Expensive: 3 Ways Third-Party Support Can Help

Data Center Downtime is Expensive: 3 Ways Third-Party Support Can Help

Data Center Downtime is Expensive: 3 Ways Third-Party Support Can Help

Running a business in today’s world means taking a more technological approach. As the “brains” of the operation, data centers allow you to do just that. Your data center plays a major role in day-to-day business operations for employees and clients alike. But relying heavily on your data center also has its downsides…unplanned downtime incidents can really cost you.

According to recent surveys, 73% data center professionals indicated that the cost of unplanned downtime was more a day, while 36% reported a loss of  more per day. Taking in these numbers may leave you wondering what you can do to avoid losing that much money. While human error plays a role in outages, businesses must prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

How Can Third-Party Support Help?

Have you ever hear the phrase “the best defense is a good offense?” This rings true when it comes to combating data center downtime. Being proactive about data center issues can save you thousands in the long run. This is where third-party maintenance plays a part. While third-party support does have the ability to save you up to 70% in your support budget, it comes with a slew of other benefits. The flexibility that third-party support provides helps keep up the intricacies of any given data center.

Tips to Minimize Downtime

1. Equipment Audits

The road to minimizing downtime begins with a full understanding of your data center. Too many IT planners make the mistake of not auditing their equipment. You don’t want to have hardware that’s in use but not supported. This could prove to be a large contributor to downtime. You also want to make sure that the hardware included in your maintenance agreement is actually in use. Using an IT Asset Management tool that tracks all of your support contracts, like Navigator System is a great way of staying on top of these details.

2. Pick the Right SLA

Beyond auditing your storage equipment, picking the best Service Level Agreement (SLA) is key. This determines the amount of support you receive on any given day. When choosing your support vendor, it is crucial that they can meet all your data center needs. Protecting your organization from costly downtime is as easy as signing up for an SLA that includes 24x7x365 Help Desk support. At Navigator System, we provide around the clock service from our help desk, and you can see all the details of our various SLAs and request a quote for one directly through our Navigator System.

3. Remote Monitoring & On-Site Spares

Another way to prevent data center downtime is to make sure your third-party support vendor allows for remote monitoring. By having someone to monitor your storage equipment, you stay in front of the issue. We will consult you to ensure that you have on-site spares of higher fail rate parts such as disk drives. By keeping these part at your location, you can fix an issue quickly and efficiently.

Still Need Help? Navigator System can help you tackle data center downtime. To learn more about third-party maintenance or to request a support quote, visit our third-party support page or call one of our specialists today at Call Us +91 080 25307537/ 38/ 49 Sales: +91 9986288377 Email Us:

3 Business Cases for Using Third-Party Maintenance

3 Business Cases for Using Third-Party Maintenance

Identifying options to maintain a peak level of IT operations while minimizing costs is a top priority for C-suite executives everywhere. Implementing programs to extend the life of hardware investments is a proven way to generate savings. That’s why many organizations have begun to move away from OEM contracts and have embraced the benefits of TPM maintenance. There are many business cases for TPM which prove out the most impactful benefits. We will explore a few.

One Stop Shop

For most businesses, the data center houses equipment from multiple OEMs, each of which represents individual, vastly different (and often cumbersome) support agreements. Every agreement requires quite a bit of time and effort. This inefficiency is a thing of the past with a TPM provider. With a TPM provider, even multi-vendor equipment can be covered by one simple coterminous agreement – with a single point of contact as well. This reduces paperwork significantly while freeing up time to be more productive.

Reduced Support Costs

One of the major downsides of the OEM business model is that maintenance costs increase year after year. Another whammy is that support for the equipment is eventually cancelled by the OEM once the asset reaches its End-of-Life (EOL) or End-of-Service-Life (EOSL). The OEM model relies on you being willing to replace equipment rather than keep it running. With a TPM provider, high quality maintenance and support is virtually guaranteed, and this allows keeps you from undertaking new capital expenses that you don’t really need. TPM providers don’t need to find ways to recoup R&D investments, so there is no need to pass that financial burden on to you. TPM is a fruitful way to save up to 50% over traditional OEM post-warranty coverage.

Essential Flexibility

Another major problem with some OEM models is that they can offer limited maintenance options, so you’re essentially overpaying for an unnecessary level of support. Certain environments, like testing and development, do not require a same-day response, but if your OEM does not offer next-day options you may be paying for premium support you don’t really need. TPM providers are able to provide a wide array of services with an approach that can be fully customized to meet your needs. Coverage isn’t just flexible – it can evolve over time as your business and equipment mix changes. If you need to reduce support or add new equipment, your coverage will change with you.

It’s Time to Make the Leap

Making the decision to move beyond OEM maintenance brings with it a wide array of savings and support opportunities that most businesses can no longer afford to ignore. That is why it is so important to consult with a knowledgeable data center support provider to carefully weigh all of your options before you sign on the dotted line. An objective evaluation comparing your current level of OEM support and those of a non-OEM provider will be illuminating and ensure that every dollar you spend brings the maximum ROI possible.

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Data Center Migration- Case study

Data Center Migration- Case study

Why is it  essential to plan, manage and execute a data center migration with the appropriate level of rigor and control, utilizing proven methods?

Mushrooming of more billion-dollar enterprises around the world  in this century  is  making the world a more  knowledge-rich and competitive place.  In this mercurial and dynamic business sector Data driven businesses  are facing challenges like data analysis, structuring, retrieval and modeling. As the business services depending on IT ,a data migration can cause significant degree of business risk. Here you can find the  information on data centre migration techniques and  the key focus areas for migration.

Reasons for data center Migration:

The Datacenter is the important aspect of an enterprise that is interconnected with IT hardware equipments ,software and business data.As  business data powers every aspect of the management if there is any thing which affects the data will have impact on the business as the whole. But Data Migration is essential for a growing enterprise to have strong data foundation which minimizing risks of observational understanding or guess. The two main reasons for Data Center Migration are business reasons and technology reasons.

Scope of Data Center Migration:

The ability to undertake the migration is important to understand the preparations and investment required for a more ideal data center migration as enterprise IT architecture has direct impact on the migration initiative.  A Successful data center migration  requires  the best asset management practice, ideal disaster recovery, change control programs and monetary management .Failing to  have these elements pose a high degree of risk to the ongoing  project and may cause  negative impact on the business by  outages.

Step Involved:

Conducting a readiness assessment :

Evaluate the accuracy and completeness of processes, documentation and procedures. It is essential to made a determination for each gap area on whether to implement a long-term or interim solution based on the project timeline.

Areas to Focus:

  • Support Structure
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Documentation
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Change Control
  • Architecture

 Assess the environment

The output of assessing the environment is asset repository which has information like the current inventory, technical, business connections, and backing-up asset data.

Using the industry standard repository like a configuration management database (CMDB) is ideal for automated discovery of assets ,as it is capable of providing a comprehensive view of all aspects of each asset.

 Design, validate and plan the project :

This overall project plan consists of detailed task plans, time budgets,resource & planning. A data center migration calendar is essential to  produce the timing of move events in relation to cycles and business initiatives in detail.

Implement the plan :

Use purpose-built tools and follow a proven methodology like  TDS Transition Manager for a successful data center relocation.Important aspects to focus while implementing a relocation plans

  • Transparent communication patterns to all stakeholder during the data center move
  • Well experienced technicians in doing unplug, un-rack, cable and re-rack
  • “Exclusive use” transport devices for high-value equipment

 Manage the environment post-relocation:

Make sure all the devices are properly plugged in until the cabling is done .

Ask for a sign-off from the customers

OEM certification should be supervised, monitored and speculated

Benefits :

A successful data center migration can totally change the overall operating environment  in such a way that has benefits for  disaster recovery readiness as well as day-today operational efficiency of an organization.

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Better cost management, simplicity, control and multi-vendor support

Better cost management, simplicity, control and multi-vendor support

Better cost management, simplicity, control and multi-vendor support

In any organisation of any size there’s always a need for some kind of IT incident management and Break Fix process. It’s great if the process you have works, but it’s always worthwhile keeping things under review to see what could be done better.

Do you have a clear picture of what support arrangements you have in place, and what they’re costing you?  Have you had a bad support experience because of lack of internal skills, poor vendor support or unresponsive service providers? Are the people responsible for support sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to diagnose interoperability problems with other product sets? Do you spend an inordinate amount of time chasing your supplier?

These are just some of the difficulties our customers have previously encountered while trying to keep the business running. In our experience, there are five key benefits of moving to a contracted Break Fix service with us instead.

  1. Cost reduction and improved cost control

We’ve been providing prompt and reliable Break Fix services for many years, and have discovered that, on average, organisations pay much less – for a better level of service – by contracting Navigator System to manage the process. Our customers report average support cost savings of up to 40 per cent compared with inflated OEM quotes.

When warranties expire it’s often an automatic decision to renew with the original supplier. But by simply taking the opportunity to get comparative quotes, you have the opportunity to dramatically increase the value you get from your spend. It’s a bit like when your annual household or motor insurance comes up for renewal; you can probably get a better deal elsewhere, perhaps with multi-vendor – the IT equivalent of ‘multicar’ cover – thrown in.

  1. Consolidated, multi-vendor support

Having a central contracted service desk provides you with a single point of contact with one number to call available up to 24×7. This can substantially reduce Break Fix resolution times. Often a perceived problem – say with underperforming storage, for example – may be caused by something like a network bottleneck. You could be waiting for the storage vendor to get the problem sorted while all the time the issue lies elsewhere.

With a holistic view of the business’s IT we can help spot the underlying problems and get them dealt with much faster – and consequently at lower cost – than by relying on the OEM’s own specialists. We can promptly attend to and resolve issues, often without needing to refer to the original vendor.

And, of course, there’s the commercial advantage. The more software, equipment or cloud service support you include in your contract, the lower the total cost compared with having different agreements with multiple suppliers. It makes support costs easier to manage and far more transparent.

  1. Support digital transformation projects

If your business is on a digital transformation journey, whether moving to the cloud or bringing your infrastructure into line with cloud best practices, our Break Fix services with flexible short-term contracts and world class service means you can seamlessly migrate and mitigate any downtime. Our prices free up maintenance budget so you can can invest in technologies that give your organisation a healthier business edge.

We free up in-house teams to concentrate on higher value projects rather than getting perpetually bogged down in keeping the lights on. And if you’re worried about keeping track of cost then our pre-paid credit service, RESPONSE, will let you call off time whenever it’s required. It can even include onsite assistance if you’re struggling to resolve issues with vendors.

  1. Optimise legacy infrastructure

We can help you get better control of capital expenses and drive greater ROI by extending IT asset life cycles well beyond OEM End-of-Life (EoL) / End-of-Service-Life (EoSL) declarations, with tailored SLAs that allow optimisation of response and repair requirements for each IT asset.

Our Breakfix provides peace of mind that your existing infrastructure will continue to not only support the business but push it forwards. Our world class services simplify management, tracking and reporting. There’s one service desk, and just one number to call for any issue. We support data centre requirements globally, on- or off-premises, and are able to call upon a network of over 600 highly-trained, full-time field engineers from our vast affiliate network.

We already resell, install, tune and optimise most of the products and software we’re likely to come across, and our engineers are accredited by the OEMs themselves.

  1. Better risk and compliance management

Running unsupported vendor technologies can create uncertainty in the state of the IT environment, give rise to security concerns, and make it more difficult to demonstrate compliance. By having a robust Break Fix plan in place, you’re able to address many issues from your IT risk register and achieve much better business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

You can even extend your Navigator contract to include a fully-managed environment, whereby performance is tuned and optimised, and performance/security patches are automatically applied without you having to worry about them.

Avoid the hidden costs of IT Break Fix

When your IT breaks you always pay for the time taken to fix the problem (even if that’s just the cost of in-house resource). If things are delayed, business is interrupted and money is lost.

Although one can’t put a number on the cost of waiting for things to break, we can try to prevent it continually recurring. Some support providers simply provide any kind of fix and if the problem recurs they get the chance to come back and bill you yet again. At Navigator, we simply do a great job. We don’t want to keep revisiting the same problem – and neither should you.

Want to see the proof? Ask to see our customer references.

Data Center Support Services

Data Center Support Services

Do you need data center benefits in your telecom business? Data Center administrations are utilized to improve a Data center just as the general tasks and upkeep. This guarantees critical components work successfully including storage, networking, processing, and management. Services can either be given as well or from a data center.

Navigator System Data Center Services

Navigator System offers Data Center bolster administrations to help the progress of OEMs and undertakings to a crossover IT condition. This is conceivable through administration, mechanization and IT activity support.

With this arrangement, Navigator System will give the correct ability, innovation, and security for each procedure. This can be cultivated nearby, on the cloud and inside the PC system to guarantee the full enhancement of the IT infrastructure and the cloud itself.

With full mechanization and the board capacities gave, organizations can choose and contract the Right Data Center ability. This guarantees you can concentrate on key activities in your business and abstaining from spending higher measures of cash on full-time representatives.

With Navigator System Data Center bolster administrations, you will have the option to procure specialists on location paying little respect to where you are situated on the planet. Navigator System has a pool of ability that stretches crosswise over 190 nations, so paying little mind to where you are, you’ll have the option to pick up the help you need anyplace, whenever.

Data Center Support Technicians

Utilizing these administrations OEMs and endeavors will have the option to enlist 3 level professionals. This ensures each customer can get a fast goals to issues in their plan of action. Administrations include:

Data Center Support Services

  • Level-1 Techs – These experts respond rapidly to trouble tickets on email or through the phone and troubleshoot routing problems.
  • Level-2 Techs – They provide support in a key area and as such can resolve more specific issues.
  • Level-3 Techs – These handle the most complex issues and requests

Navigator System likewise gives access to the Cisco and system designers to deal with issues with these zones of the IT arrange. Eventually with Navigator System, you can access a help where you will have the option to find exceptionally gifted Data Center specialists. They will follow up for your sake and by course with both remote and shrewd arrangements conceivable outcomes.

With in excess of 40,000 staff for specialized help, organizations can likewise tap in and increase master arrangements that will assist them with lessening personal time and set aside cash. This guarantees a business keeps on working viably available.

What Is The Digital Transformation Of Infrastructure?

Organizations must guarantee that they are on top of things and setting up their organization models for computerized change. They have to guarantee that proficiency levels are expanded and that they can arrive at client request. It’s conceivable to do this by contracting the most perfectly awesome independent ability to finish occupations in their business.

With an advanced Data Center arrangement, you can accomplish successful computerized change. Navigator System can guarantee that information on-premises is kept up while the outstanding task at hand is repositioned utilizing the most recent cloud Data Center administrations. So also, a half breed approach guarantees a significant level of versatility and a completely available foundation.

With the help of Data Center pioneers of the IT business will likewise have the option to accomplish significant levels of efficiency, guarantee that their business is progressively adaptable and increment security. Simultaneously, expenses can be essentially decreased as well. Everything can be streamlined from telecom answers for IT administrations and remote workforce the executives.

Navigator System Data Center Services

Data Center Disaster Recovery Services

With Navigator System, it’s likewise conceivable to get to IT experts to deal with debacle recuperation. Disaster recovery  is a significant component of any plan of action. You should be set up for the most noticeably terrible and guarantee that your business will recapture levels of capacity rapidly. Additionally, essential components of your business set up ought to be back ready for action in minutes.

With on-request ability, calamity recuperation time can be kept low while innovation, for example, fibery network between Data Center can guarantee an always effective procedure. Because of this utilizing the correct group, business coherence can be accomplished paying little respect to land reach.

This incorporates support for recuperation administration levels to guarantee that basic applications are organized.

Technical Support is a phenomenal answer for specialized help which will enable you to fix customer gives quick. Effectiveness is extraordinarily improved without adversely affecting the expenses of your business.

With this quickly developing stage, you can access specialized help in minutes, perfect for a multi-merchant IT condition. Once more, this enables you to build adaptability and quickly convey an uncommon assistance.

Every single routine errand associated with server farm administrations can be dealt with adequately in your IT condition. Your Data Center care and backing can rapidly extend too with close by skill. There’s no disarray with this choice and positively no postponements.

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Do you have to put in new hardware or keep up existing frameworks? Navigator System can guarantee doing both is straightforward and permit Data Center to adjust rapidly to changes that could be disturbing business forms. Existing Data Center can be immediately modernized to help change your plan of action. Simultaneously, your on-request IT experts will work with you to evacuate and handle difficulties that you can unearth with Data Center the board.

List of of Data Center Services

Maintaining your business, you would prefer not to oversee, to manufacture or keep up your very own Data Center. This is excessively costly and too hard to even think about keeping the procedure versatile. That is the reason you have to depend on independent operators. By doing this, you can pick up specialists to deal with the everyday tasks and handle issues like movement easily. This is going to free up a greater amount of the hour of your interior staff enabling you to convey a prevalent degree of client assistance.

Data Center Solution

With Navigator System, you can increase a Data Center arrangement with an ability for organize, capacity, equipment and administration support. Does your organization give endeavor programming? Provided that this is true, your clients may anticipate that you should convey equipment. Navigator System can kill this interruption and guarantee that you accomplish more significant levels of development, ensured to intrigue customers.

We trust this causes you see how Navigator System can be your unmistakable advantage when setting up data center administrations for your business and your customers.

Navigator system: Any issue related to server we will always help to client regarding server support & maintenance, installation, and upgrade, also rent DELL, HP, IBM, Oracle, SUN servers at best price.


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