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Installation of  New server with exemplary performance

Installing and managing new server for Companies with more than 16000 staff and with more responsibilities and requirements is not that easy for an IT service provider.They should be reliable and helpful during the migration process and have well designed and planned supply and installation of all hardware and software solutions.


Effective management of Software licensing fees.

Reduced Processing time.

Improved server resilience.

Uncompromised security.

More quick and efficient response.

Challenges  faced:

Server Performance Issue:

If the companies have incumbent servers and they were burdened with complicated licensing systems and also the companies requirements had outgrown the server capabilities, that is the perfect time for replacing the server system of any organizations. These servers may suffer from performance issue due to high demands placed on it and also the complex and difficult business-critical backup strategy.

Stringent IT Budget:

With a limited budget, there are no cost overruns in the purchase of the new server or margin for error in the purchase and installation.So they need an efficient server with exemplary performance and low processing time.

Tight  time frame:

The timeframe for ordering and installation is tight from start to finish, so the proposed solution needed to be sourced and up and running within a very tight timeframe.

Strategy  for Implementation:

Complete assessment and performance analysis of the server system.

Identify the pressure points of the older server system.

Expectations on the new server system and the pressure to be placed on it.

Budget available for a new server system.

Assessment includes server performance problems, running operational levels, licencing strategy and costs, SAN and Virtual network connections and backup strategies.

After the assessment, the IT service provider should offer the solution to meet the current demands and plan for capacity needs and future growth.


Installing two or more multicore servers for database licenses activities and also an  application server to provide the client with maximum productivity, scalability and versatility.

Server Installation Process  includes:

Uploading software

Creating Partitions

Configuring  VIOS

Securing network connections

Configuring the new servers to SAN

Creating the LUNS for storage

Providing on-site consultancy for in-house IT team.

“The new server system has great overall performance and resilience of this application. Navigator systems provide you with a better service right through the installation and sales process and delivered the system on time despite a very tight timeframe. Also offer reliable, very helpful , smooth and straightforward migration process  as possible.So the clients can easily manage peak workloads and handle concurrent changes to workload far more effectively than before.

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