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Data Center Downtime is Expensive: 3 Ways Third-Party Support Can Help

Running a business in today’s world means taking a more technological approach. As the “brains” of the operation, data centers allow you to do just that. Your data center plays a major role in day-to-day business operations for employees and clients alike. But relying heavily on your data center also has its downsides…unplanned downtime incidents can really cost you.

According to recent surveys, 73% data center professionals indicated that the cost of unplanned downtime was more a day, while 36% reported a loss of  more per day. Taking in these numbers may leave you wondering what you can do to avoid losing that much money. While human error plays a role in outages, businesses must prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

How Can Third-Party Support Help?

Have you ever hear the phrase “the best defense is a good offense?” This rings true when it comes to combating data center downtime. Being proactive about data center issues can save you thousands in the long run. This is where third-party maintenance plays a part. While third-party support does have the ability to save you up to 70% in your support budget, it comes with a slew of other benefits. The flexibility that third-party support provides helps keep up the intricacies of any given data center.

Tips to Minimize Downtime

1. Equipment Audits

The road to minimizing downtime begins with a full understanding of your data center. Too many IT planners make the mistake of not auditing their equipment. You don’t want to have hardware that’s in use but not supported. This could prove to be a large contributor to downtime. You also want to make sure that the hardware included in your maintenance agreement is actually in use. Using an IT Asset Management tool that tracks all of your support contracts, like Navigator System is a great way of staying on top of these details.

2. Pick the Right SLA

Beyond auditing your storage equipment, picking the best Service Level Agreement (SLA) is key. This determines the amount of support you receive on any given day. When choosing your support vendor, it is crucial that they can meet all your data center needs. Protecting your organization from costly downtime is as easy as signing up for an SLA that includes 24x7x365 Help Desk support. At Navigator System, we provide around the clock service from our help desk, and you can see all the details of our various SLAs and request a quote for one directly through our Navigator System.

3. Remote Monitoring & On-Site Spares

Another way to prevent data center downtime is to make sure your third-party support vendor allows for remote monitoring. By having someone to monitor your storage equipment, you stay in front of the issue. We will consult you to ensure that you have on-site spares of higher fail rate parts such as disk drives. By keeping these part at your location, you can fix an issue quickly and efficiently.

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