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Why is it  essential to plan, manage and execute a data center migration with the appropriate level of rigor and control, utilizing proven methods?

Mushrooming of more billion-dollar enterprises around the world  in this century  is  making the world a more  knowledge-rich and competitive place.  In this mercurial and dynamic business sector Data driven businesses  are facing challenges like data analysis, structuring, retrieval and modeling. As the business services depending on IT ,a data migration can cause significant degree of business risk. Here you can find the  information on data centre migration techniques and  the key focus areas for migration.

Reasons for data center Migration:

The Datacenter is the important aspect of an enterprise that is interconnected with IT hardware equipments ,software and business data.As  business data powers every aspect of the management if there is any thing which affects the data will have impact on the business as the whole. But Data Migration is essential for a growing enterprise to have strong data foundation which minimizing risks of observational understanding or guess. The two main reasons for Data Center Migration are business reasons and technology reasons.

Scope of Data Center Migration:

The ability to undertake the migration is important to understand the preparations and investment required for a more ideal data center migration as enterprise IT architecture has direct impact on the migration initiative.  A Successful data center migration  requires  the best asset management practice, ideal disaster recovery, change control programs and monetary management .Failing to  have these elements pose a high degree of risk to the ongoing  project and may cause  negative impact on the business by  outages.

Step Involved:

Conducting a readiness assessment :

Evaluate the accuracy and completeness of processes, documentation and procedures. It is essential to made a determination for each gap area on whether to implement a long-term or interim solution based on the project timeline.

Areas to Focus:

  • Support Structure
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Documentation
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Change Control
  • Architecture

 Assess the environment

The output of assessing the environment is asset repository which has information like the current inventory, technical, business connections, and backing-up asset data.

Using the industry standard repository like a configuration management database (CMDB) is ideal for automated discovery of assets ,as it is capable of providing a comprehensive view of all aspects of each asset.

 Design, validate and plan the project :

This overall project plan consists of detailed task plans, time budgets,resource & planning. A data center migration calendar is essential to  produce the timing of move events in relation to cycles and business initiatives in detail.

Implement the plan :

Use purpose-built tools and follow a proven methodology like  TDS Transition Manager for a successful data center relocation.Important aspects to focus while implementing a relocation plans

  • Transparent communication patterns to all stakeholder during the data center move
  • Well experienced technicians in doing unplug, un-rack, cable and re-rack
  • “Exclusive use” transport devices for high-value equipment

 Manage the environment post-relocation:

Make sure all the devices are properly plugged in until the cabling is done .

Ask for a sign-off from the customers

OEM certification should be supervised, monitored and speculated

Benefits :

A successful data center migration can totally change the overall operating environment  in such a way that has benefits for  disaster recovery readiness as well as day-today operational efficiency of an organization.

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