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Dell PowerEdge 1300 Servers are more high-speed servers using Intel® Pentium® II microprocessors. These systems support the PCI bus; each platform supports ISA style using one ISA slot machine which allows the computer system to be configured by you to your requirements then upgrade it as necessary.

The PowerEdge 1300 system offers the following key features:

one or two Intel Pentium II microprocessor(s) using an internal speed of 350, 400, or 450 MHz and also an outside rate of 100 MHz, and even an incorporated 512 KB L2 SDRAM cache together using ECC capability. After there is an additional Pentium II microprocessor installed SMP is encouraged. For an SMP-supporting operating system is required to use SMP capacities.

Assist for hard disk drives and technology—plug and Play BIOS. RCU is utilized to configure ISA cards. USB interfaces for apparatus. The system must supports vents. At the moment, keyboards and mice are not supported.

System Memory:

Method memory has a minimum of 64 MB of unbuffered Memory. The machine memory capacity could be enlarged around 1 GB by using combinations of 64-, 128-, and registered SDRAM DIMMs or 256-MB unbuffered. Optimum size unbuffered SDRAM DIMMs is 512 MB. Highest capacity registered SDRAM DIMMs is just 1 GB.

System Power supply:

Even the Dell PowerEdge 1300 supplies a Single 330 W method electricity Supply that works from an AC power source of 115 VAC at 60 Hz or 230 VAC. The machine power supply provides the DC operating currents and voltages listed in Table 1.

High-Level Expansion Sub Systems:

There are just seven connectors around the Computer System board. Expansion-card connectors PCI1 through PCI6 support 32 Bit PCI expansion Cards; expansion-card connector ISA6 can adapt an 8- or 16-bit ISA Expansion card. A half-length card limits even the PCI1 slot machine.