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To serve your business network environments, there are several types of servers available in the market. These different types of servers work in different roles to provide a greater accuracy in business workouts.

Database Server

Database Server refers to the back-end system of a database application using client architecture. This workload relies on a higher-end server to host the database. It performs tasks such as data storage, analysis, manipulation, archiving and other non-user specification tasks.

File Server

A file server for central storage and management of data files, so that other computers on the same network can access all the files. These types of servers allow users to share data and information over a network without having any physical transfer. Any computer on a specific network can be configured as a host to act as a file server. It acts as a remote hard disc drive for other computers on a similar network.

POS Server

POS (Point Of Sale) Server helps computer based order-entry technology, mostly used in restaurants, bars, and shopping malls to capture, record data, orders, and to display or print bills and tickets. The POS, server holds a central database to which all the POS terminals communicate regarding data.

Print Server

A software application that manages several print requests and makes printer queue status information available to network administrators and other end users. Print servers are used in both small and big enterprises. A dedicated computer serving as a print server can manage hundreds of printers of a large organization.

Web Server

A web server, programming that serves the files from web pages to web users. Every web server has a domain name and IP address. If any user enters an URL in the browser, this sends a request to the web server. Then the server fetches the page and sends it to the browser. Any computer can be used as a web server, just by installing server software and connecting it to the internet. Apache and Internet Information Server (IIS) are two leading web servers. These servers are used for hosting websites and internet sites.

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