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Are you ready to change yourself? Reskilling is important.

Software Service Providers should shift from infrastructure development and legacy services to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big data analytics, Machine learning and Cloud-based delivery models. Information technology (IT) Company are gearing up to reskill their personnel, to help them stay relevant with automation

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS):

Skilling people in digital technology.

Infosys: Created a Design Thinking platform to both reskill people and drive innovation.

Wipro: Upskilled on digital technologies such as Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Cloud, Mobility and Usability, Digital Security and DevOps.

Capgemini: Cloud-based platform, Open Connect, to work on virtual projects like data sciences and also for peer-to-peer learning.

Business process management services companies:

Soft skills and Domain knowledge in emerging technologies from banking or travel industry.

  • But the challenge with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Augument Reality (AR) and other new technologies is that you need the real practitioners to impart that knowledge.
  • The fall in IT recruitment and layoff because of the reason combination of external events triggered starting from Brexit and the US presidential election, coupled internal event with Indian Demonetization and massive technological shifts in the industry to be automated to lower jobs.

Train students and employees in new technologies by identifying the cutting-edge areas and to work with them to develop training.

We are here to Help!

Dealing with infrastructure issues, or struggling with new technologies – and still increasing your organization’s technology advantage.

  • With Navigator System Support IT Management Services you can backed by a team of experts, and focus on your growth and success.
  • Server maintenance, Data Storage Maintenance, IP transit, firewalls, load balancing, backups and more can comprise your managed infrastructure solution – all proactively monitored 24 hours a day.
  • We take care of the day-to-day maintenance of your infrastructure including application monitoring, software updates and patches, network security and regulatory compliance.
  • We’ll also maintain security through the use of intrusion detection, log monitoring and vulnerability scanning tools.

If any hardware or networking issues arise, we’ll spring into action and keep you regularly updated until it’s fully resolved.

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