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Even the HP Integrity BL870c i2 server delivers the performance I 2, Reliability, and accessibility on 64-bit operating-systems (HP-UX 11i v 3, Microsoft Windows® Server 2008 for both Itanium-based systems and OpenVMS v 8.4) for the ultimate in scalability and versatility in deployment: to help enhance your cost-efficient, consolidated Integrity blade infrastructure, HP Insight Dynamics – VSE for HP Integrity servers will aid with solution components including HP Integrity Virtual Machines, HP Capacity Advisor and Virtualization supervisor, HP Global Workload Manager, and HP-UX Workload Manager, HP insight Dynamics – VSE infrastructure orchestration HP Insight Dynamics – VSE Reference Architectures, along with HP Serviceguard. HP Integrity BL870c I-2 machine blade comprises:

HP mission-critical Converged Infrastructure:

  • Simplify and combine IT with a standard structure that is modular Out of x86 to Superdome
  • Provide a protected And dependable infrastructure out of CPU to option
  • Aid optimally scale resources with integrated management and virtualization.
  • Shield your investment and also stabilize your infrastructure. With sustained invention and years of life support

Accelerate IT Efficacy with BL870c I-2 –a more flexible, mission-critical server with the efficiency of HP BladeSystem:

The HP Integrity BL870c i2 server blade is a versatile and Expandable four-socket blade server. It is ideal for multi-tiered enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle enterprise applications’ database grade. This server blade includes the HP Blade website link technologies, which unites blades to create two-, four-, and eight-socket systems–delivering better scalability and versatility. Also, HP digital Link Flex-10 offers configuration flexibility and network scalability with an upward to 20x increase in network bandwidth. With connectivity, IT administrators can virtually manage all subsequent venting. Plus, Integrity machine blades provide twice to check the operation at the footprint,2 with integrated resiliency, and not as much power consumption. You can combine and fit HP Storage blades, ProLiant, and HP Integrity, giving versatility to develop as your business requirements change.

Always On resiliency:

The built-in Small Business continuity, resiliency Availability features in the machine that is BL870c keep companies running Without interruption, with a two- to nine times operation improve. Key Resiliency features contain

  • Improved I/O bandwidth together with support, with 2x for Next-generation PCI-E 2.0
  • Double-chip spare, delivering 17x memory Reliability compared to spare
  • community Equipment Building program (NEBS) Level 3 certification together –48 Vdc power supplies enable gear Operability in system center surroundings.