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The HP Integrity Server offers you new levels of price. It’s a cheap and adaptive platform in the IT environment that produces overall performance and top rack density per watt. The HP Integrity rx2660 machine provides flexibility and high levels of performance employing the Intel Itanium2 range of all CPUs. HP Integrity rx2660 servers offer you exceptional functionality capacities with processing speeds ranging from 1.6Ghz only centre to 1.6Ghz dual-core, around eight 2.5″ SAS hard disks and up to 64GB of memory. Other valuable features of HP rx2660 rack servers incorporate a choice of PCI-X or even PCI e I/O technologies to 2.4TB of internal storage ability, the choice of the rackmount or base form factor, a 12MB Grade 3 cache, and more.

Irrespective of your business enterprise dimensions, HP Integrity rx2660 servers will be able to assist you to increase the return on investment and scale with the increase of your organization. For example, an affordable and flexible server system, H-P rx2660 rack servers are great to get a vast array of software, including business-critical applications, Java firm intelligence, specialized computing and transaction workloads. HP Integrity rx2660 servers supply full access as well as virtualization capacities with double chip memory, simple followers, and redundant power supplies. Coding rx2660 servers also include simple handling applications like HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM), HP Integrated Lights Out 2 (iLO 2), and even HP System Insight show. Willing to improve your IT productivity, both rx2660 servers offer serviceability capabilities, higher density, and security functions that allow people to reevaluate data center risk readily.

Outstanding flexibility:

The HP Integrity rx2660 Server enables you to Decide on the proper Environment for your workload. Besides, you additionally have the selection of rack-optimized or base (paid down acoustics) sort facets and I/O technologies (PCI-X or a combination of PCI-Express /-X). The design rx2660 Server contains all the management, accessibility, and safety qualities you assume, making it possible for easy integration and control to both deployment and redeployment along with a heterogeneous IT environment. Also H-P host technologies, for example, fittings racks, and management tools, add to increased flexibility and also return on your IT expense.

Clear direction and installation:

Using the Coding rx2660 Server, you can deploy a High-performing standalone, clustered, or spread computing version. Robust and integral management programs –which includes HP program Insight Display, HP SIM, HP Integrity necessities, iLO two remote control, HP Global Workload Manager (GWM), HP Rapid Deployment Pack, and also HP OpenView applications. These are using the coding rx2660 Server for faster, more effective server installation and lower operational costs. You may manage your servers with the same tools you utilize to take care of one’s infrastructure’s rest from a single interface–which promotes better command and efficacy, along with an encounter.

Improved IT productivity and availability that is secured:

The design rx2660 Server Provides wide-ranging Highavailability characteristics — including double processor spare memory, followers, redundant power tools, and error checking and correcting. These to protect the computer data integrity, enhance software availability, and also reduce the maintenance period that is proposed. Using some Reputable Platforms Module (TPM), many robust security capabilities like authentication and authorization, which are built into all of the operating surroundings, create this ideal platform for secure transactions. Plus, HP StorageWorks’ portfolio of network storage solutions which makes it simpler for the organization to enhance information accessibility while drastically cutting prices, and guard data.

Improved utilization and service levels:

The HP Digital Server Natural environment (VSE) supplies adaptive capacity that helps you improve server Use in time. With all the VSE’s integration of intelligent control With partitioning and higher accessibility (via options including HP Serviceguard), You May Produce a pool of all virtual servers which develop or psychologist Predicated in your organization priorities. To Boost Your consolidation initiatives, The Integrity rx2660 Server affirms both HP Integrity Virtual devices and HP Secure Resource Partitions, letting you share your server ability among Much distinctive software.