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The HP Integrity rx3600 Server is an entry-class Work-horse that you can trust for business-critical database and application workloads. This next-generation Coding machine includes a fresh design that helps you prepare for the long run by delivering considerably enlarged calculating capacities. The Integrity rx3600 Server’s virtualization, scalability and availability features make it a perfect option for entry-level consolidation — helping you accelerate business growth, lower fees and mitigate the hazard. Also, it’s excellent in clustered and distributed environments — giving enterprise-class accessibility whilst fulfilling rigorous demands of supply-chain management, enterprise resource preparation, charging and human resource software, business intelligence, Java™ and trade workloads.

The design Server that is rx3600’s balanced design, Designed around the HP zx2 chipset, offers elevated heights of power and accessibility to guard your investment. The design rx3600 Server may scale into two chips, and four cores also may support up to 192 GB of memory and eight inner hard drive drives. It helps your choice of full application setup throughout HP UX 11i,  Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 and Windows® Server 2003, Linux and OpenVMS working environment, upping your yield on investment along with farther aligning your IT with business requirements.

For additional flexibility, then it’s available in rack-improved or standalone base shape factors along also a choice of PCI-X or mixed PCI-X/PCI communicate I/O engineering. Developed from the Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® chip, the design rx3600 Server is a logical update from Your PA-RISC–based HP 9000 rp3440 Server and the HP AlphaServer DS20 along with ES45 Collection, Together within the HP Integrity rx2620 and rx5670 Servers.

Simplified management and deployment for reduced costs:

Together with the Coding Server, you possess the capability to deploy a standalone, clustered or distributed computing model. For example, you can place one server in every one of your branch offices and manage it. Highly effective, integral management programs — which include HP Systems Insight Manager, HP Integrity Essentials, Integrated Lights Out (iLO 2) remote management, Worldwide Workload Manager (gWLM) and HP OpenView applications.These functions, together with the Coding rx3600 Server to promote faster, more effective server deployment and reduced operational expenses. You can handle your servers using precisely the exact tools that you utilize to deal with the remainder of your infrastructure from one port — boosting more excellent management and efficacy and an improved experience.

A functioning environment that is increased endurance to mitigate risks:

The HP Integrity rx3600 Server enables you to operate HP-UX 11i With the HP Virtual Server Environment, in addition to both the Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Linux, and OpenVMS operating environments, and that means you can decide on the right operating setting for the workload. Additionally, it comprises each one of the management, availability, and stability features you on average expect to detect when conducting these environments, encouraging easy integration and direction once deployed or redeployed at a heterogeneous IT environment. Moreover, popular HP Integrity and HP ProLiant technologies (including universal racks, accessories, and direction tools) imply higher flexibility and return to IT.

Enhanced scalability for electricity with tools:

The new HP zx2 Chip Set unleashes the power of this Intel Itanium processor by decreasing memory latencies; supplying extensive reliability, accessibility and serviceability features; and escalating memory and I/O subsystem scalability. This type of flexible capability inside the server — enabling increased, well-balanced functioning throughout batch and transactional workloads in addition to Java applications and technical computing workloads — lower costs farther because it reduces the need for additional servers.

Robust accessibility for Every Single application, each user, every Time:

New technologies that Improve the amount of application and system accessibility are built-into The design Server. Included in these Are double processor spare — reducing memory Problems 17-fold more than previous servers — that empowers the device to recoup from 2 DRAM failures and means significantly fewer grinds because of memory collapse. The Integrity Server that is rx3600 Also Includes Builtin malfunction protection for the Processor together with dynamic processor resilience and de-allocation. About safety, robust stability features like authentication and authorization Are constructed into most four environments.