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The HP Integrity Server that is rx6600 is also an extremely expandable Platform for virtualization and reverses consolidation that amuses the entrance course. This design machine is capable of tackling exactly the workloads previously feasible, just using costly processes.

It’s ideally suited in business software integration, supply chain management, billing and business intelligence, and enterprise resource planning. Its exemplary Java™, trade, and online analytical processing (OLAP) overall effectiveness distinguishes it in additional entry-class servers and also puts a new benchmark for that sum of job which might be done using a 4-processor/8-core program.

The well-balanced design of the design HP Integrity rx6600 Server can be along with Intel ® Itanium ® chip and is made round the HP zx2 chip-set. You are given the option by program service across HP UX 11i, Microsoft ® Windows ® Server 2003, Linux, and OpenVMS working surroundings.

Equipped with technologies, the design Server will help you plan future years whilst reducing outlays accelerating enterprise development, and mitigating hazard.

The design Server setup to 192 GB of DDR2 Memory and 16 type variable drive drives that are inside. It is also offered an option of combined or PCI-X PCI-X/PCI communicate I/O along in standalone or rack-optimized type facets engineering. The capacity and even advanced mechanical engineering.

Well Suited to get a yield on IT, for workload consolidation