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The HP ProLiant DL580 G5 is the finest server to Get Virtualization, mixing optimum scalability, Intel’s latest chip engineering and higher availability attributes. The machine provides excellent flexibility and serviceability in a flexible. Predicated on the most recent industry-standard technology, the DL580 G5 stipulates that the best levels of functionality.

Enterprise-strength scalability and functionality at Space-Efficient, Rack, or tower-optimized bundle deal The HP ProLiant DL580 Generation 5 (G5) Server is also an enterprise-class, 4-socket server intended for optimum scalability and higher accessibility. Its chassis provides exceptional flexibility and serviceability in a versatile, stand – or – type element. Depending upon the processing, memory, I/O and media engineering, the DL580 G5 Server stipulates the maximum levels of functionality.

Additionally, it has a collection of this DL580 g-4 server using unmatched attributes to enable bandwidth. The compact 4U form variable offers maximum application deployment flexibility, having the capacity to access hard drives, memory, and processors and electricity supplies as the system remains secured in the stand. Even the 4U form variable empowers rapid reaction to service events.

Enterprise and messaging programs, database:

  • As much as four High storage potential DIMMs, embedded HP Smart Array P400i control along with Intel ® Xeon ® chips give to send servers for all out of web software.
  • As much as 1-1 I/O slots popular PCI Express slots Along with the capacity to incorporate PCI-X slots or even three PCI-express offers versatility and also bandwidth.
  • Dual-integrated Multifunction Gigabit NICs supply the bandwidth and connectivity required for the database or enterprise applications’ surroundings of today.
  • Readily hook to SAN or NAS and operate by one area.

Server integration:

Serviceability, accessibility, and scalability create that the DL580 G5 Server an ideal platform for both Virtualizations along with server integration solutions.

HP ProLiant Essentials applications along with The DL580 G5 Server Ensure it is effortless to manage to deploy and migrate servers using Microsoft ® Virtual Server or VMware.

Built-in Lightsout two (iLO 2) allows Directors to Deal with the DL580 G5 Server.

Ideal for: Data centers and Service suppliers.