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Affordability, reliability, and simplicity create HP ProLiant ML110 Generation 6 server is the ideal first server for growing organizations. A growing business with its IT service needs a server that’s streamlined and also suits. The HP ProLiant ML110 G 6 server delivers server reliability And functionality for rising Organizations, branch offices, and remote locations–all for the price of a computer that is regular.

Gets a Reasonable host using dependable performance:

Moving beyond the ProLiant reliability Server has been powered with DDR3 memory, Intel ® Core ™ i-3, Pentium ® or Celeron ® chip, and the Intel ® Xeon ®. A mix of PCI along with PCI-Express (PCI e ) slots, DIMM slots, drive bays, and host options aid deliver the expandability of your increasing business requirements. The optional, hardware-based, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) has been an added gain that brings further security to an IT structure.

The robust RAID operation using the Smart Array controller along with the embedded SATA RAID controller will help to protect the info and boost efficiency. Support to get the energy-efficient power source and incorporated HP lights out 100i (LO100i) remote management carry down operational expenses by lessening the number of physical visits to your server site–which makes it a practical and reasonably priced remedy.

Key advantages and features:

Proven HP dependability and support:

  • HP conducts some of the most demanding and comprehensive testings from the business. This screening, along with a system of HP agency professionals, which allows you to deploy the ML110 G6 server together with confidence.
  • The ML110 G6 server comprises ProLiant. Tireless attempts on technique screening and method controller can supply you one of the services and products. Easy to expand and grow with shifting business demands
  • Delivers off-the-shelf functionality and expandability to Grow together along with your company with characteristics such as DDR3 memory, SAS and SATA hard drives, PCI and PCI Express slots and USB 2.0 ports
  • Requires less upfront investment due to the host’s Modular layout; also offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-configure system because all significant server parts could be removed or re-installed with a low attempt
  • Helps remote locations or division offices reduce host Downtime and enhance productivity using a built-in remote control.

A server in a cost:

  • Compact and easy Design for better manageability and low-cost expansion
  • Effective electricity Distant and usage management to cut back overall operational expenses
  • Improved memory and processor performance for more enormous Benefits Proven ProLiant reliability and data security
  • ECC memory aids protect Your Organization from data reduction and System downtime. Unlike memory, ECC memory can discover and fix glitches.
  • Sensible Array choices Provide businesses with mirroring and striping capacities to guard data.
  • The TPM encryption and authentication Feature provides enhanced data protection.
  • ProLiant 100 series servers have customizable features Suitable for changeable usage needs of branch offices and small enterprises.

Ideal workloads:

Document and publish, World Wide Net is messaging, vertical programs that are Modest Or databases along with Internet access and LAN infrastructure.

Suitable for: Remote Websites or branch offices of small- to Medium-sized businesses and Budget-conscious organizations