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The HP ProLiant ML110 G 7 Server supplies accurate server Reliability and functionality to businesses, branch offices, and remote locations–for the purchase price tag on a desktop computer.

Moving beyond the ProLiant reliability, the ProLiant ML110 G7 Server has been powered with the most current Intel® Xeon®, Intel Core™ I 3, Intel Pentium®, or Intel Celeron® processor; system interface controllers (NICs); and DDR3 memory, which together enhance efficiency.

PCI Express (PCIe) Gen2 slots, DIMM slots, drive bays, and Server options help send the expandability to the expanding business needs. Additionally, the HP SmartStart CD reinforces the installation procedure and enables you to step upward to your very first server network. The optional trustworthy platform module (TPM) has been an additional benefit that provides further security to an IT architecture.

RPS and incorporated HP Integrated Lights‑Out 3 (iLO 3) remote control applications bring operational expenses by decreasing the number of physical harms to the host site–which makes it a more convenient and affordable alternative.

Proven HP dependability and encourage:

  • H-P conducts some of its most stringent and thorough testing In the business. This screening, together with a worldwide network of HP agency professionals, also allows one to deploy the ProLiant ML110 G7 Server with confidence. • The ProLiant ML110 G 7 Server frees ProLiant. You can be provided by our tireless attempts on method control and method screening.

Simplicity to growth and growth by shifting business requirements:

  • Delivers off‑the‑shelf Operation and expandability to develop your organization with functions like two NICs, DDR3 memory, SAS and SATA hard drives, PCIe Gen2 slots, and USB 2.0 interfaces
  • Needs less investment due to this server’s Modular design, also provides the easy‑to‑use and easy‑to‑configure platform as most of the important server components may be eliminated or reinstalled with reduced effort
  • Helps division offices or distant locations reduce server Downtime and boost productivity with iLO 3–remote control capability from HP

A server in a background cost:

  • Compact and easy Layout for greater manageability along with low‑cost growth
  • Effective electricity Usage and remote control to lessen overall operational charges
  • Increased memory and processor functionality for more significant Effects
  • Advanced remote control software drives down the cost Of by lowering the number of visits managing your servers.

ProLiant reliability that is proven and information coverage:

  • ECC memory aids Safeguard your organization from data-loss and unplanned system downtime. Unlike conventional memory, ECC memory could detect and correct single‑bit mistakes.

Businesses are provided by

  • The TPM hardware‑based encryption and authentication Data stability are provided by feature.
  • HP Intelligent Array options with RAID Striping and mirroring capacities to guard critical data.
  • HP ProLiant 100 series servers have customizable capabilities proper for the user needs of division offices and medium and smaller organizations.
  • RPS for defense against data loss/attack and also for Essential productivity copy

Ideal for Remote websites or branch offices of small‑ to medium‑sized Businesses, Budget‑conscious business.

Workloads: Smaller perpendicular, File and publish, Internet messaging Databases or applications and Shared Internet accessibility and LAN infrastructure.