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Even the HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Server, Safe, and a Dependable 2U UNIX server that is two-socket can be just a significant match for division offices along with server information centers behind a wide selection of work-loads. With as much as 3.5X operation, 2 1 percent less electricity ingestion, also 3 3 percent reduce TCO, the design rx2800 i-4 Server will more. It empowers work-load consolidation and applications licensing financial economies by way of HPE digital Partitions (vPars) or Virtual Machines (VMs). In contrast, HPE In-Sight applications and HPE built-in lights out 3 (iLO 3) raise employees’ productivity. HPE Serviceguard service along with v 3 offers disaster restoration capacity and resiliency. The design rx2800 Server comes from tower configurations with acoustics for installation at infrastructure contested office surroundings and provides configuration versatility.


Even the HPE Pairing Server that is HPE Integrity rx2800 promotes performance up over 2U footprint with just one or two 2 Intel Itanium 9500 collection chips using eight or four cores along with memory bandwidth that is 33 percent.

  • Scale-up into 16 cores, 384 GB of memory, 7.2 TB of internal memory along with 6 (6) PCI e Gen-2 I/O slots.
  • Reduce Your energy, Distance also it sources prerequisites to get a 33 percent lower overall price of ownership (TCO). Eat up 21 significantly much less Consolidate numerous applications onto fewer servers and also rescue software licensing prices using HPE digital Partitions (vPars) and Profession Virtual Machines (VMs).
  • Consolidate Numerous Software on servers and also rescue software licensing prices using HPE digital Partitions and Coding Virtual Machines (VMs).

Increased IT employees Productivity through improved HPE Integrity built-in lights out 3 (ILO 3), HPE In-Sight SW Suite, HPE technique Insight Manager (SIM), technique In-Sight Screen (SID) during HPE Converged Infrastructure style and layout and style.

Make Risk-free

Even the HPE Pairing Rx2800 i4 server utilizes resiliency on the other side of the machine heap *Error detection, correction and isolation for both chips, memory and cache Hot-plug storage, hot-plug N+N supporters and electrical energy.

  • It provides *virtualized work-load migration along with error isolation with HPE digital Partitions.
  • HPE-UX 11i V 3 Operating-system using HPE Serviceguard for long-distance or local availability or disaster restoration and resiliency attributes.

Get in-server safety Qualities to encourage your organizational stability coverage *Shop passwords and security keys together using optional Reputable systems Module (TPM), a hardware-based technique security characteristic. *Securely handle distant servers using SSL encryption (128-bit) of all HTTP info across this system.

Rely On HPE Technological Innovation Maintain processes functioning and services knowledge to address the infrastructure issues.

Play It For You Prefer

HPE Integrity rx2800 I-4 Server might also be deployed in rackmount, office or tower friendly shape facets (with low acoustics) providing flexibility.

  • Start little with four cores, 8 GB memory, 146 GB storage, two I/O slots along with enlarging to 16 cores, 384 GB memory, 16 7.2 TB storage along with 6 I/O slots.
  • Split strategy Calculating, memory, I/O, and storage tools to directly successfully meet varying user fill conditions with HPE digital Partitions along with also HPE Coding Virtual Machines (VMs).

Tailor method Work-load and Infrastructure specifications option — HDDs, SSDs, Converged Network Adapters, Inch Gb/s or 10 Gb/s 2, 4 Gb/s or Community Adapters Gb/s Multifunction Adapters, Fiber Channel Adapters, 6 Gb/s SAS Controllers, Images and quad data-rate InfiniBand adapter.