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Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

  • The next-gen Cascade Lake Xeon systems support this memory with 3D XPoint integration. 3D XPoint is memory storage technology jointly developed by Intel and Micron Technology

  • 128GB, 256GB, 512GB capacities¬†Modules sit in on the low latency, high bandwidth DDR4 bus which is much faster than PCIe
  • Generally, data having to do page deletes like one does on NAND SSD. But Intel Optane Persistent Memory is Byte accessible which means data can be written in place. So, expect consistent performance

How to get Support 4TB of memory for 1U server

  • Expect Intel six standard DIMMs and six Intel Optane PersistentMemory DIMMs per socket. An Intel Optane Persistent Memory DIMM capacities of up to 512GB
  • 6 x 512GB= 3TB of Optane per socket, or up to 6TB available in a standard dual socket server.
  • With six sticks of 128GB RAM per socket, that is 768GB.
  • Totally, we get 512GB * 6 + 128 * 6 = 3840GB of memory in DIMM slots per CPU or 7680GB in a dual socket server.

Similarly 30TB of memory in 2U 4-node systems with Cascade Lake

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