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IT AMC Customers Expectations:

  1. More People ≠ Better Service

The first question we’re asked by many clients is, “How many people do you have?”  What they really want to know, “Will you respond to me quickly?”

The better question is, “Do you have enough people to handle the clients and workloads you already have, plus me?”

Navigator system will give an honest answer and we are transparent with you about our situation. It really doesn’t matter whether the Third Party service provider that you are considering has 14 people or 40. What matters is their workload, the quality of their technical Engineer, management, systems, processes, and financial resources.

  1. Close Location ≠ Better Service

The remote access and monitoring tools make engineers had to do most of the work at their offices.

Today, most TSP’s handle and manage over 90% of their clients’ non-project technical work remotely. It makes sense to work with a local firm because of projects and other work that must be done at your location. Our MSP IT team will act more like employees than a vendor, and you’ll be interacting with them often. Ideally, they should be acting as an extension of your team.

  1. IT Person as Staff ≠ Better Service

“It’s cheap solution to have our own IT people than outsource.”

If your company with less than 10 users and no server, and have someone on staff who knows something about technology. Then may be working fine.

If you have at least one server and more than 10-100 users, you will benefit from having an IT MSP provider along with a dedicated IT staff. You’ll save money and perform better in the long run by having the right people in the right seats doing the right things the right way.

An organization with 10 to 100 employees and a dedicated IT staff. The dedicated IT staff adding servers or storage equipment when we need.

The executives don’t know IT or how to manage an IT staff, yet they do it. Navigator system who are reputed in the industry can spend, invest, and can have answer for your questions.

  1. Different Prices ≠ Same Level of Service

There is a misperception that Managed Services Providers all provide the same level of service. Here’s true story.

A client called us in to review his datacenter. Client paying for very comprehensive level of service and felt the service was not on time. Briefing plan, and after reviewing the requirements, we gave him an estimate of 50,000 per month. But the client paid only 25000 per month.

See how easy that was? First instinct was that we were overpriced. Client was in a terrible situation. Forget that client’s MSP, nobody would be able to deliver the level of service he needed for that price. But the service will diminish, or the provider will go out of business. Generally, if the MSP has been in business for years, invest for spares, deliver quality work, at a fair price

Navigator system has been in this business for over 20years. Our clients stay with us because we are good at servicing them, and we stand behind our work. If difficulties or problems arise, we address them directly.

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