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Navigator System Pvt., a leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions, and various computing technology, is announcing an expanded portfolio of its Existing AMC server business into storage and networking products. With the new additions to the portfolio, Navigator will now provide clients with the necessary IT infrastructure for their business needs. These new additions aim to develop a long-term relationship with clients by providing them with innovative solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Navigator System has dramatically supported its clients with its successful response of service desks during the pandemic, lockdowns and working from home. Emphasizing the importance of keeping organizations operational was the critical aspect of Navigator System’s AMC Services.

To continue managing Clients IT storage management, Navigator System has provided three options: work with a third-party service provider like Navigator System, extend the warranty on your OEM’s equipment or choose not to renew it.

For support on multi-vendor IT storage infrastructure, a third-party vendor is an excellent option. Clear Service Level Agreements will keep you aware of the level of service from each vendor and give you easy access to any provider that can address your needs faster than waiting for time-consuming OEM requests.

Navigator System provides Dell Storage Maintenance, HP Storage Maintenance and IT storage data management & Storage Repair service to focus on the products of your choice. NSPL Storage Maintenance and Support Services are designed to meet any organization’s needs, with a team supporting OEM such as Dell, Cisco, HP and NetApp.

Navigator System Network Maintenance supports equivalent to the support levels provided by any OEM at a substantially lesser cost, thus helps customers reduce expenditure on Network Infrastructure managements, Network Router Maintenance & Network Switch Maintenance.

Suppose Clients are limited on resources or complex infrastructure, including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, and wireless LAN controllers. In that case, Navigator System has a network solution portfolio committed to maintaining solutions for Government, IT/ITES and larger enterprises.