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Knowledgebase worth of data on past NetApp hardware issues and resolutions allows Navigator System to conduct failure trend analysis and stay one step ahead of system issues.

NetApp hardware Support Service and Repair Services including

  • NetApp F Series storage systems,
  • NetApp FAS Series storage systems and
  • NetApp (IBM branded) N Series storage systems.

Maintenance Services:

We enable businesses to reduce the total cost of ownership and generate a greater return from their IT investments by extending the useful life of NetApp storage systems beyond their End-of-Life declaration,

Simple Repair/fix service:

We provide expert guidance over the course of an IT asset lifecycle, helping to create new efficiencies in IT operations and simplifying the responsibilities of IT managers.

Support highlights:

  • Expert Field Engineering Team supported
  • Enhanced service contract, service incident and IT asset management
  • Support Contracts maximizes storage systems uptime
  • Expert guidance throughout IT asset lifecycles

NetApp Hardware Maintenance:

  • Increased control of capital equipment expenses and a greater ROI from IT asset lifecycle extensions well beyond the OEM’s End-of-Life (EoL)/End-of-Service-Life (EoSL) declaration
  • Tailored SLAs that allow optimization of response and repair requirements for each IT asset
  • Competitively priced NetApp support

Our Highlights:

  • Field engineers arrive on-site with tested parts in-hand
  • Documented escalation procedures
  • Microcode/firmware support guidance
  • Carefully designed parts sparing system
  • Strategic stocking locations for parts and complete systems

Numerous professional services available including:

  • Data migrations
  • LUN creation
  • Storage administration functions
  • Configuration changes And more

NetApp Hardware Maintenance & Support Services , Call +91 9986288377 or Email us at sales@navigatorsystem.com, Navigator System business model is to offer a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software products, services and solutions for the most diverse platforms and multi-brand environments.