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When a fiduciary business service is established or started it requires a ground-up, robust server solution that would provide the company with a resilient, intelligent storage and backup system at its remote branch office data centre and its disaster recovery facility.If it is a national or international fiduciary business service company then the proposed solution would enable it to fully comply with all regulations relating to the dissemination and secure management of the data it held.

Business benefits of NSPL:

Exceptional performance,

Uncomplicated system management,

Best storage utilisation,

Snapshot capabilities,

Migration achieved in a restricted time frame.

Challenges  faced  and solved  efficiently:

Making the administrative and  management of the  system  more  easy with a small on-site IT team,

Enable relevant members of staff to carry out essential operational IT tasks as required.

To ensure the new IT system is in place for the office which undertakes a large, time-critical project within a very tight timeframe.

The Approach:

Working with the company’s IT  team to understanding the company requirements.

Assist during the decision – making the process to make the correct decision, including arranging on-site demonstrations of the recommended solutions.

Clear and the best strategy is required for the coherent management of storage and backups on an ongoing basis with the limited resources on-site.

The strategic assessment required for :

Backup methodologies

Current IT management and administration capabilities

System resilience

Server and data workload and planned growth

Data migration

Security considerations

Development of a virtualized server infrastructure

Power/energy requirements

Synchronisation for disaster recovery

Data centre server assessment

Mirroring for high availability

The best solution:

IBM x3850 enterprise servers running VMWare

The IBM XIV storage system for data storage of the branch and disaster recovery sites.

IBM TS3500 Tape library utilising IBM Tivoli Storage Manager at all locations provides Backup strategies.

This combination of solution can provide a robust and secure IT  infrastructure for the newly established Banking company.

Immediate benefits  of this solution:

Administration  simplicity and management functionality

Implemented rapidly

Data migration is easy and fast

Secure  and robust  servers and IT infrastructures

Highly scalable and high-performance platform

Reduces  the utilized capacity up to 50 percent  will reduce future capital expenditure

Totally  mirrored infrastructure  needs  no additional licensing costs

Back up procedures are highly automated.

Dynamic  and  flexible infrastructure

Advantages of using  IBM XIV storage system:

Built-in snapshot capability provides a “point in time” backup strategy.

Reduces the strain on the infrastructure during regular back-ups.

Capability to create thinly provisioned storage pools provides flexibility and reduces the overall space required to store data and thus offers scalability for future growth.

The  result:

The new IBM servers, XIV storage system and tape libraries provide a resilient server, storage and backup system that is easy to use and will meet the technical and regulatory compliance demands of the newly established fiduciary business services operation now and in the future. Navigator systems understand the needs, and provide an ideal solution and work along with the on-site team to ensure the system is up and running within a very short period of time. When undertaking a huge, restricted time project Navigator systems is a trustworthy technology partner to provide the right and proposed solution to meet the technical and regulatory compliance demands of the international fiduciary business services operation.

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