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SUN ORACLE SPARC T5-2 Server on Sale


Today, IT organizations around the world are facing critical challenges due to the massive explosion of data and increased requirements to deliver application services to users faster than ever.

 Companies seeking to drive out cost and complexity in operation while delivering faster application response times are choosing the SPARC T5-2 server as a fundamental building block of business computing today. In addition to delivering extreme performance and optimization across a wide range of Oracle database, business applications and middleware software, the SPARC T5-2 server helps lower TCO by offering virtualization, security and management technologies at no additional cost.

SUN ORACLE SPARC T5-2 Server– processor (2) Eight Core 3.6 GHz SPARC T5 processor.



  • Uses the fastest microprocessor in the world, delivering the best performance for JD Edwards and Siebel, and claiming application leadership in performance and price/performance over comparable competitor systems
  • Available with either one or two SPARC T5 processors, with upgrade capability for the one processor system
  • Built-in, no-cost virtualization technology with Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Simplifies server consolidation, improves utilization, and reduces operational overhead
  • Integrated on-chip cryptographic acceleration provides high levels of security without sacrificing application performance.
  • Runs Oracle Solaris 11, recommended by Oracle for enhanced performance and functionality. Can also run Oracle Solaris 10, 9 and 8, with guaranteed binary compatibility and support for legacy applications
  • Provides the most comprehensive lifecycle management framework available today through a unified portfolio of tools for systems and cloud
  • Smart, simple, and eco friendly designs offer greater energy and space optimization, increasing asset utilization while reducing operating costs.
  • Optimized to accelerate Oracle database, business applications, and middleware software with extreme performance, mission-critical reliability and scale

SUN ORACLE SPARC T5-2 Server Config for Sale

SPARC T5 processor

(2) Eight Core 3.6 GHz SPARC T5 processor.

No of Thread –Up to128 threads per processor for a maximum of 256 threads per system
Shared 8MB, 8 banked, Level 3 Cache; 128 KB Level 2 unified cache per core