Sun Sparc Enterprise M4000 Servere Support, Maintenance, Repair, AMC Service

Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 server AMC Support and Maintenance

Navigator System offers Support and maintenance for The Sun Sparc Enterprise M4000 server,  is a six-rack unit (6 RU) enclosure (10.35 inches, 263 mm), which supports up to two dynamic server domains. Built on the latest and most advanced SPARC64 VII quad-core or SPARC64 VI dual-core processors. These SPARC64 VI CPUs (up to 8 cores at two threads per core) run at 2.15 GHz and their multi-threading capabilities minimize CPU wait time while increasing utilization. Level2 cache has been increased to a maximum of 6 MB from the 4GB offered under SPARC V. The system bus has also been enhanced to cope with dual-core chips. The maximum system bandwidth is 32 GB/s

Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 server amc,  support and maintenance available from Navigator System. We offer affordable repair, service, installation, AMC, Warranty Upgrade and one-time break-fix on storage features.

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