Feb, 2020

Data Center Downtime is Expensive: 3 Ways Third-Party Support Can Help

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Running a business in today’s world means taking a more technological approach. As the “brains” of the operation, data centers allow you to do just that. Your data center plays a major role in day-to-day business operations for employees and clients alike. But relying heavily on your data center also has its downsides…unplanned downtime incidents can really cost you. According to recent surveys, 73% data center professionals indicated that the cost of unplanned downtime was more a day, while 36% reported a loss of  more per day. Taking in these […]



Mar, 2017

NetApp Hardware Maintenance & Support Services: End of Marketing is NOT End of Life

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Knowledgebase worth of data on past NetApp hardware issues and resolutions allows Navigator System to conduct failure trend analysis and stay one step ahead of system issues. NetApp hardware Support Service and Repair Services including NetApp F Series storage systems, NetApp FAS Series storage systems and NetApp (IBM branded) N Series storage systems. Maintenance Services: We enable businesses to reduce the total cost of ownership and generate a greater return from their IT investments by extending the useful life of NetApp storage systems beyond their End-of-Life declaration, Simple Repair/fix service: […]