How to Slash IT Hardware Support Costs

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How much are you spending to support all the equipment in your company? Depending on your company size, IT hardware support costs can potentially consume up to two-thirds of the IT budget. So how can you drastically reduce the costs of maintaining your hardware without sacrificing the quality of support you receive? Are you looking for ways to cut your maintenance costs? Here are 5 ways to dramatically reduce your support costs and obtain the service you expect from Navigator System. HOW TO REDUCE MAINTENANCE COSTS WITHOUT SACRIFICING SUPPORT QUALITY […]



Apr, 2019


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STORAGE AND SERVER TRENDS – 2019 Same as before small businesses are going to invest in hardware, larger enterprises are focusing more on increasing their cloud budgets. One of the biggest drivers of IT budget increases in 2019 is the need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructures. As security concerns continue to plague businesses of all sizes, the need for updated, secure infrastructures becomes a top priority. To determine ways to implement new software and hardware, ensure greater security and invest in the future of their IT, here’s a five server […]



Jan, 2019

Why Cisco Customers Should Embrace New CISCO Smart License

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Cisco is rolling out their new Smart Licensing System (Cisco FAQ) that looks very concerning as it will give the keys to your Cisco device to Cisco. For the new IOS XE version, 16.9 and later beginning with Catalyst 3650, 3850, and Catalyst 9000 series switches, these devices will be required to connect to the internet daily with call home feature to Cisco’s entitlement system to validate licensing. That takes the license entitlement off the devices and onto Cisco’s servers. Licenses now become subscription based instead of a perpetual license. […]



Oct, 2018

Do it yourself Tips for Server Upgrade

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Server hardware maintenance will maximize its potential which helps a business stay competitive equally avoids purchasing new server hardware. Server hardware upgrade can help keep a server performance required by the application. Server RAM Upgrade When upgrading a server focus in the RAM, it will make their computer run faster. Server CPU Upgrade It’s much more efficient to upgrade the CPU definitely will increase the speed of operation and, in cases, make more cores available so you can multitask with ease. Server Storage Upgrade Sometimes upgrading HDD drives will give […]



Jul, 2017

Your corporate data center contains only servers or storage?

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Servers are at the core of your business, so in order to ensure your servers are operating at peak performance, you need to do healthy network. Checklist of Best Practices for Server Environment: Patches – prevent poor performance or system crashes Preventative maintenance: Preventing maintenance from Navigator System AMC Contract ensures servers are always running at the highest level. Server reboots: Help prevent crashes. Diagnostics: Help detect failing hardware components and potential data corruption in future. Backups: Backup of data should be completed regularly. This ensures the data can easily […]



Feb, 2017

Finding Right Environment for Workload

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Hybrid IT Environments: Cloud adoption is not complete decision. Any businesses can have the best of both the traditional on-premise and Cloud worlds provided the upfront planning is performed. The three main infrastructure platforms are; On-premise servers, Public cloud and Managed private cloud. Hybrid IT leverages a number of infrastructure platforms. It also placing workloads where they perform best, after all the following things are considered. Thoroughly access your applications and business requirements to determine which workloads deliver better performance, ROI and user satisfaction in the cloud and which should […]



Jul, 2016

Server Hard Disk Drive for Sale

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