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Every financial service organizations need a data storage solution that would be easy to administer and manage also offer resilient and intelligent storage with backup features.Installing an IBM XIV Storage System with IBM x3850 server and IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Libraries for data backup via IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software is best to get fast, intelligent and secure storage.

The plus Points:

  • Thin provisioning and Virtualization reduce utilised capacity and cost.
  • Migration of data is easy and rapid helps in managing and administering the system.
  • IBM  XIV solutions  Minimise strains with Integrated snapshot capability and point-in-time backup strategy during regular backups.
  • IBM  XIV solutions deliver outstanding performance but also simplifies the storage management and planning.

Strategy  to implement Storage solution:

  • Choose IT Infrastructure support service company with a proven track record in the financial sector.
  • IT support company with best service, quick response time and good knowledge of new systems.
  • On-site demonstration of a recommended solution to take important decisions.
  • Proper deployment of storage systems in production site and disaster recovery sites and also proper data backup capabilities.

Reasons to choose IBM XIV Storage System for  financial service organizations:

  • High-end disk storage simplifies administration and Management of tiered storage.
  • A grid of standard and off-the-shelf hardware components can connect to and from any network with Paralleled  Gigabit Ethernet connection.
  • Tier-one performance providing 79TB of storage capacity at a Tier-two price point.
  • Provides rapid automatic self-healing with the ability to rebuild the mirror with a functioning disk.Thus reduces data loss and interruptions to business.
  • XIV systems feature built-in snapshot capability which offers point-in-time backup strategy.
  • Intelligent storage system XIV migrates the applications and then copies the data and so reduces the offline time of the system.
  • Without any additional licensing costs the TCO is very low and reasonable.
  • Sensitive financial data and confidential information are highly secured with IBM XIV storage solution.
  • XIV  provides 100% faultless handling of customer accounts by providing an audit trail of all user activities.
  • Thin-provisioning of storage pools reduces the space required to store data and simplifies the capacity planning.This solution is the best solution for today and tomorrow with best performance and security.

Download PDF:Case Study The best data storage solutions for financial service organizations

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