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The highly supportive benefits of including a Navigator System Private Ltd to help fulfil client demand for cost optimization by using a hybrid maintenance strategy for Server storage hardware, OEM Maintenance, OEM independent Third Party Maintenance and Managed spares practices.

As a Third Party Service Provider, Navigator System is offering to OEM service providers and as a consequence to the end user in some competitive situations and trends which are influencing the interest and opportunity include:

  1. IT Hardware maintenance is spending and procurement are seeking low-cost alternatives to expensive OEM contracts and pricing.
  2. Some enterprises consider TPM support from Navigator System, especially for post warranty data center equipment, or for networking equipment at office campus or remote locations to achieve greater savings.
  3. All enterprises expect to reduce capital expenditure (capex) spend in networking and data centers is an additional supporting factor to consider TPM
  4. Due to significant increases in OEM post warranty pricing, Customers find TPMs when the original warranty runs out, rather than renew the OEM support contract.
  5. Additional some enterprises consider the flexibility and customized support from TPMs as an advantage
  6. Navigator System had highly trained and experienced field engineers in delivering the program of Technical Services provided to its client base. Data center maintenance is offered in multiple tiers, ranging from 5x8x4, 8x5xNBD to 7x24x4, effectively ensuring the choice of a comprehensive range of service levels to its clients.

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