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Why CIOs and IT pros should think of Managed services for data security? In these days many small and large businesses have become the victims of cyber attacks and breaches.All the business leaders are becoming more aware of potential threats and breaches of data security in today’s high tech world.Due to data security breaches, companies have lost millions of dollars.Company CIOs and IT pros are looking for solutions to stop this increasing cyber security risk.

Solutions to stop this increasing cyber security risk:

1.Proper threat assessment and Risk management.

2.Strong cybersecurity protection plan.

3.Regular monitoring data systems for potential threats.

4.Knowledge about different types of threats and familiar with quantifying risk management data.

Varieties of  cyber threats:

Among different kinds of threats, certain types are more common than others.

1.Internal or external unauthorized Access

Someone from outside of your company accessing your company data is external unauthorized Access by using weak or stolen credentials, through unsecured wireless systems, by physically entering the premises or compromised third-party access.

Internal unauthorized access can occur due to theft of authorized user credentials and access the system by accidental computer use.

2.Data misuse

Occurs when an authorized user misuses sensitive information for personal gain.

3.Data leakage:

Occurs due to the malicious attack and unintentional exposure of sensitive information.

4.Data loss:

Happens when lost thumb drive or a direct attack such as ransomware.This mainly because of faulty data replication and insufficient backup procedures.In data loss, important data is deleted permanently.

5.Disruption of service:

Disruption of service or productivity can be caused when access to cloud-based software or security system is disrupted.

 How best to handle protection from Cyber Attacks:

Regular monitoring of corporate AV systems is a critical component of data security. With two strategies we can he handle the data protection.One is in-house strategy and the other is working with a managed services provider.

The in-house strategy needs a successful Security Operations centre which needs well-trained executives familiar with the system monitoring choices, the right technology to protect the data, Specific business strategy and money to carry out all legal obligations.

Having a SOC is not an easy one, it needs more work, more fund and well-trained executives. So choosing a managed systems security service is the best idea to handle the handle protection from Cyber attacks.

Managed systems security service:

A managed systems security service provider  is a Third party IT service company you pay to manage and monitor your data.

Advantages :

1.Affordable than an in-house strategy for a company.

2.Eliminates the need for company personnel to monitor data 24/7.

3.Time-saving approach.

4.Offers security expertise.

5.Continuous monitoring of Data.

6.Supplement the in-house security team in an effective way.

7.Specialist Problem Resolution.

8.Detailed Access

9.Improved Data Security

Requirements for outsourcing to an MSSP:

1.Be cautious and do the research

2.Detailed service level agreement (SLA) is important to explain how and how long data will be monitored and protected.

3.Check whether the managed systems security service provider is a proven specialist who is equipped to deal with the current unpredictable cyber environment.

If you have not interested in investing more money in data protection then managed systems security services are the best choice for your company. In rapidly increasing challenges in Cybersecurity environment, it makes sense to entrust your data to a managed systems security services is better than not having a security system in place at all.

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