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Navigator System Launching its Crown Jewel of service that’s Third-party Server AMC for EOSL OEM Products.

What does OEM mean?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) describes a manufacturer that produces equipment using parts made by another company.

OEM Server AMC is the process of building hardware where components are purchased from other companies and integrated into a system to meet buyer’s specifications. It will be cheaper than buying directly from the server brand; one or two components might be considered part of the server brand.

A third party server maintenance company like Navigator System can provide this service at affordable prices.

What is 3rd party maintenance?

Third-party maintenance (TPM) is provided by a company other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These third-party maintenance companies have experts that are often trained and certified in many hardware types and manufacturers, including IBM, Dell, HPE, or Cisco.

Navigator Systems is an Authorized Server Maintenance Company (ASMC), providing TPM services for brands like IBM, Dell, HPE and Cisco.

What is Offered in third party server maintenance services?

ASMC’s like Navigator Systems provides the following services for your third party server maintenance.

1) Replacement of faulty component (Hard Drive, RAM, CPU etc.) with a new factory component at Navigator Systems’ data centre based on your schedule with a fee applicable to each component replaced. Our technical staff will do this per client contract agreement with ASMC or per-call basis/emergency visit.

2) Navigator Systems can provide on-site and remote Support when you need assistance with an existing installation.

3) If required, we can coordinate or complete a “turn-key” installation for you that includes hardware, software, cabling and any other items needed to get your new system up and to run quickly.

Why opt for Third-party server AMC vs OEM Server AMC?

As per Navigator System, it’s preferable to opt for third-party server AMC as:

1) Cost-effective solution.

2) Better response than OEM server AMC (offers same-day Support with an error code description/ work order).

3) Dedicated team of experts who strive to ensure customers are satisfied and their business runs uninterrupted.

4) Navigator Systems is ASMC and authorized to provide such services in India via its team of experts.

5) Faster turnaround time for on-site Support than OEM server AMC.

6) Reduces dependency on a single manufacturer (reduces future hardware costs).

7) Focus on third party solutions that increase flexibility and budget.

8) If third-party server AMC goes out of business, you can continue to call on the OEM for hardware support.

9) An experienced team has provided service since inception (provides significant time and money savings).

10) Better support than the OEM.

11) You get better value because Navigator Systems subscribes to the latest hardware, software and firmware.

12) Navigator Systems provides Support for third-party products to increase flexibility with options at an affordable cost.

13) A well-managed infrastructure of available servers often eliminates expensive procedures like ordering a new server or removing your old server and installing a new one.

14) Navigator Systems provides better Support than OEM regarding your warranty, license and entitlement.

15) Navigator Systems provides service with a faster response time than the OEM during holidays.

16) You can avail of Support across all brands from a single source.

17) Output delivered is much more than the money you pay to us.

18) Our team ensures that the client is delighted and we achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

19) Our professionals are trained to provide Support to customers around the clock, including holidays, weekends and provide any other emergency support whenever required.

20) We have many clients in various business domains (Banking & Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and IT/ITES) who avail our services.