What is a back plane in Chassis?

interface which included implementation of a board-level computer installed in a chassis backplane with multiple slots for pluggable boards to provide I/O, memory, or additional computing.

What is the difference between half height and full height blade?

Half height blade comes with two processor socket and full height with four processor socket,

Half height blade comes with two Hard Disk drive, and full height comes with four Hard Disk drive.

Also memory capacity is higher in full height blades than half height.

How many blades can fit into Dell, HP and IBM chassis?

16Nos of Half height Blades or 8nos. of Full height Blades.

But models like HP C3000 Blade enclosure will fit only 8 Half height Blades.

How do you connect to the Blade console?

In HP Blades: c-class blade SUV cable,

In Dell: Assign an OA IP to the DELL chassis. then we can able to take Blades remotely.

What is a pass through switch in Blade chassis?

A Pass Thru Module is nothing but a transceiver which takes the Ethernet port from the Bladecenter’s midplane connected to Blade Servers and lets you connect regular RJ45 CAT-V cables to another switch. There is also Fibre optics passthru modules, in case you prefer those.

Are blade servers inter changeable with different chassis?

As there is a different make architectures by other manufacturers, blades cannot be add to different Blade Enclosures.

How blade servers are different from normal rack mount servers?

A blade server is mounted within a chassis, and the chassis typically takes on a lot of functions and parts that were previously done by the individual Server. The chassis itself will hold the power supplies (resulting in less consume power and Space), the fibre-channel cards, the network controllers, SCSI interfaces, and so on.