Tape Library Maintenance

Navigator System care about protecting and securing your company’s information. We are able to perform routine tape drive maintenance on all leading brands: Dell, Quantum, IBM, HP, StorageTek, Tandberg of Tape drive, Tape drive Library Systems and Auto Loader.

Apart from the Tape drive and tape library repair and maintenance, we also specialize Tape Autoloader Repair, Tape Drive Repair, Tape Library Services. Storage media on all platforms LTO Tape 1 until 6, Ultrium LTO, AIT, Quarter Inch Cartridge (QIC), DLT, SDLT, 4mm DAT, LTO5, LTO6, LTFS.

Keep your backup data in tape drives and libraries operational with OEM spare parts, certified engineer support, and all the rental tape drive resources necessary standing by to respond quickly. We also have expertise in de-installation and removal of all Tape Libraries and Tape Drives.

Tape Library Management

Dell Tape Storage

At Navigator System, we repair Dell PowerVault LTO tape drives, Dell Autoloaders and Dell PowerVault Tape Libraries. Dell Backup and Recovery designed to reliably protect important digital documents. Dell Tape Storage maintenance help you optimize your technology, improve efficiencies, and minimize downtime with Archiving, backup, recovery solution engineered by our certified engineers.

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Sun Tape Storage

SUN certified system engineers can install the Sun StorEdge array system, volume configuration, array upgrades, array maintenance using the array management software, and array troubleshooting and failure diagnostics for FRU error . Additionally we do Additional Sun / Oracle Storage Support, Sun / Oracle Server Maintenance, Sun Solaris OS Support

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HP Tape Storage

Navigator System provides maintenance and technical support services for HPE Tape Storage, HPE StoreEver, HP MSL Backup Tape Library, HP StoreEver Tape Drive. We will provide replacement of defective parts for repair tape drives backup. Significant cost reductions in maintenance of data center environments including all of its assets, such as servers, storages, tape-libraries, routers, switches and other IT equipment.

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Quantum Tape Storage

Quantum Storage offer many different Tape Library solutions Quantum Scalar, Quantum LTO-4, Quantum LTO-5, and Quantum LTO-6. Navigator System are able to offer full support and maintenance for all Quantum Data Storage Solutions to provide increased flexibility, scalability, and manageability.

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IBM Tape Storage

Navigator System leading maintenance and support experts, with specialist experience in maintaining and supporting the full range of IBM Tape Storage solutions IBM TS Tape Autoloader, IBM Ultrium LTO-4 SCSI Tape Drive, IBM LTO4 Tape Drive, IBM LTO6 HH SAS Tape Drive.

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Tandberg Tape Storage

To reduce your IT budget, Navigator system provide, configure, support and maintain the Tandberg Tape Storage, Tandberg StorageLibrary, Tandberg Tape Drive, Autoloader for one lower maintenance cost. We use only Tandberg Data LTO Cleaning Cartridges or other cleaning cartridges approved by Tandberg Data for use with LTO drive
Our customers prefers us for no-cost repair evaluation. If you send in your tape drive and we will evaluate it free of charge. Our expert technicians have over 20 years of experience.

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Backup Media Health Checkup

Navigator System can scan the RDIF chip on LTO media to determine how healthy the media is and how well your tape drives are performing.

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Repair Services

We do Robotic tape library repair, autoloader repair maintenance, and all disk array repair. We understand that you may need to call us emergency at any time, doesn’t mean you are. No matter the time, we will be there to answer your request and handle it accordingly and if required we can offer a fix first policy repair later policy.

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You need to add memory, disk drives or want to move up to larger capacity disk drives, we can do it.

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Decommissioning Tape library

On-site data storage services performed by professional Field Engineers remove Tape Library, Export Tapes data from Library to your data storage equipment so that failed tape library can be moved to depot repair center or as an advance replacement.

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