SUN Server Support and Maintenance

Navigator System keeps your Sun/ Oracle server hardware running for several years past Sun/ ‘Oracle Premier Support for Hardware and Operating Systems’ date. Better late than Never. Even if your Sun Fire Server still under supported by Sun/ Oracle, it is worth considering switching to Navigator System Oracle server support. Why because of large savings on Sun server maintenance and upgrades.

By outsourcing your Sun Oracle server management, you increase your return on investment and reduce additional capital expenditures. Take advantage of our Sun SPARC support, Sun Ultra hardware maintenance solution, Sun Enterprise Server support, SUN Netra Server support, Sun Fire T Servers support, Sun Fire V Server support, Sun Fire X Server support, Sun/Oracle X86 support, Sun Blade Servers support services to divert your financial resources more effectively

Your Sun Oracle warranty covered equipment date should not refresh the cycle of the End of Life of your Sun Oracle hardware. We can assist in the selection, deployment, service and hardware maintenance (both in and out-of-warranty) as well as provide end-of-life services to continue support until you are ready to refresh your Sun Oracle hardware environment.

Not only expertise in maintenance but our Sun certified System administrator can tune configuration to optimize Sun SPARC Server performance.

Sun Server Maintenance and support
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60% -80% Savings on SUN Server Annual maintenance Contract

We cover all Intel x86-based server support РRackmount, Tower and Blade form factors and multi-node MicroServers for post-warranty coverage.

SUN 3rd party Maintenance

Navigator Systems offers reliable ,Comprehensive,and eficient 3rd party maintenance for Oracle/Sun Enterprise, SPARC ,Ultra , Netra , Fire T Servers , Fire V Server , Fire X Server , X86 server , Blade Servers.

Warranty Upgradation

Navigator System is pleased to offer extended warranty for Oracle sun Sparc and Sun/Oracle X86 server products (includes Sun Storage & Networking products, warranty replacements and refurbished product) simply by registering your products with us.

End of life support

Navigator system that is perfectly placed to diagnose and resolve any technical issues for Oracle/Sun maintenance and support solution that you can tackle the failure you may encounter.

Server Installation & Up gradation

Oracle/Sun Server installation of latest OS and Firmware, as well as spare parts upgrade, are value for their features Durability, Less Maintenance, Excellent Performance.

SUN Blade Server Support

  • SUN Blade 150 Workstation
  • SUN Blade 1500 Workstation
  • SUN Blade 2000 Workstation
  • SUN Blade 2500 Workstation

SUN Enterprise Server Support

  • SUN Enterprise 250 Server
  • SUN Enterprise 450 Server
  • SUN Enterprise 220r Server
  • SUN Enterprise 420r Server
  • SUN Enterprise 3500 Server
  • SUN Enterprise 4500 Server

Oracle SUN Server Support

  • SUN Fire V120 Server
  • SUN Fire V210 Server
  • SUN Fire V240 Server
  • SUN Fire V440 Server
  • SUN Fire V280r Server
  • SUN Fire V245 Server
  • SUN Fire V445 Server
  • SUN Fire V250 Server
  • SUN Fire V480 Server
  • SUN Fire V490 Server
  • SUN Fire V880 Server
  • SUN Fire V890 Server
  • SUN Fire V1280 Server
  • SUN Fire V1290 Server
  • SUN Fire 3800 Server
  • SUN Fire 4800 Server
  • SUN Fire E2900 Server
  • SUN Fire E4900 Server
  • SUN Fire T1000 Server
  • SUN Fire T2000 Server

Oracle SUN Server Support

  • SUN Fire V20z Server
  • SUN Fire V40z Server
  • SUN Fire V60z Server
  • SUN Fire V65z Server
  • SUN Fire X2100 Server
  • SUN Fire X2100 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X2200 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X2250 Server
  • SUN Fire X2250 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X2270 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X4100 Server
  • SUN Fire X4100 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X4150 Server
  • SUN Fire X4170 Server
  • SUN Fire X4170 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X4170 M3 Server
  • SUN Fire X4270 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X4270 M3 Server
  • SUN Fire X4440 Server
  • SUN Fire X4600 Server
  • SUN Fire X4600 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X4450 Server
  • SUN Fire X4800 Server
  • SUN Fire X4800 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X4470 M2 Server
  • SUN Fire X4500 Server
  • SUN SPARC Enterprise Server Support
  • SUN SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server
  • SUN SPARC Enterprise T5140 Server
  • SUN SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server
  • SUN SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server
  • SUN SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server
      • SUN SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server
      • SUN SPARC Enterprise M4000 Server
      • SUN SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server
      • Oracle SPARC Server Support
      • Oracle SPARC T3-1 Server
      • Oracle SPARC T3-2 Server
      • Oracle SPARC T3-4 Server
      • Oracle SPARC T4-1 Server
      • Oracle SPARC T4-2 Server
      • Oracle SPARC T4-4 Server
      • Oracle SPARC T5-2 Server
      • Oracle SPARC T5-4 Server
      • Oracle SPARC T3-1B Server
      • Oracle SPARC T4-1B Server
      • Oracle SPARC T5-1B Server
      • Oracle Server Support
      • Oracle Server X2-4
      • Oracle Server X2-8
      • Oracle Server X3-2
      • Oracle Server X4-2
      • Oracle Server X4-4
      • Oracle Server X4-8
      • Oracle Server X5-2
      • Oracle Server X5-4
      • Oracle Server X6-2