Network Maintenance & Support

Navigator System maintain market leading vendors of networking assets, Navigator System provides world-class support and maintenance for Networking Infrastructure products. We take up AMCs for both currently Available and EOSL Products ranging from Switches, Routers, Wireless controllers and Security products …

We have expertise in Cisco, Juniper and HP Networking product lines.

Our Network Maintenance supports is equivalent to the support levels provided by any OEM at substantially lesser cost thus helps customer reduce expenditure on Network Infrastructure managements.

If you are limited on resources or if your infrastructure is complex including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points and wireless LAN controllers, we have network solution portfolio committed to maintaining solutions for Government, IT/ITES and larger enterprises.

Network Maintenance company

Network Router Maintenance

Carrying out diagnostics & performance tests and determining the router experiencing router memory issues. Update router firmware and drivers

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Network Security

Firewalls and Security for mobile devices and Wireless LANs to protect your network and data. Protecting the network from unauthorized users and physical and electronic sabotage.

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Wireless Network Maintenance

Wireless LAN troubleshooting & maintenance includes Monitor LAN devices, primarily switches and access points (AP), WCS(Wireless Control Systems)

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Network Access Points

Network access points are the Internet interconnection points that serve to connect all the Internet access providers together. To improve the networking speed, navigator system maintains access point so that easy way to upgrade their wireless system.

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Network Switch Maintenance

Troubleshoot hardware, software and configuration issues, Configure devices VLANs, trunks, speed/duplex, Upgrade, Monitor, maintain and configure monitoring.

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Wirelss Controller

The Wireless controller automatically Centralize the management and configuration of wireless access-points. Better maintenance of wireless controller gets the network digital –ready and scales the large, medium or small enterprise network.

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Patch upgrade

Navigator System provides with software bug fixes, patches and updates regularly on behalf of CISCO TAC transferable either directly or via a third-party.

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Quality and Reliability

Our testing centers, logistics capabilities, and certified quality controls, our third-party maintenance service protects your entire network.

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Network Optimization

Navigator team with technical and professional services expertise to help improve your network performance when maximizing ROI

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Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Cisco VoIP performance & monitor SLA enabled network devices deployed the network equipment to resolves network outages & reduces downtime.

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We work with world's leading technology vendors to design the right solution for your business

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