Introducing Helpdesk system to my end customers

Welcome to the Navigator Systems Helpdesk Portal! Getting on to Navigator help-desk system got easier. We now have a new help desk portal that will allow you to easily submit trouble tickets & check the status of the same – right from your desk.

No more trying to track down our engineers to check if your server has arrived or that the storage, router switch has been serviced or replaced spare.

Now the ability to submit and track all Call info will be right at your fingertips!

How Will the Portal Make Service Easier?

We recognize that IT issues can slow you down. This new portal will allow us to receive & address your request faster. This will allow you to make clear communication with our technical team and allow you to stay up to speed on the progress we’re making on your service request.

To raise and submit helpdesk ticket, follow the URL mentioned below:

Helpdesk Workflow

What is a Help Desk and why is it important to your company?

A Help Desk is a resource designed for IT users to contact when they are having problems with their IT services. Helpdesk system will address the following in addition to tracking trouble tickets.

  • Knowledge Management – A Helpdesk has a system that improves operational efficiencies by reducing the time spent to rediscover previous incidents or problems.
  • Problem Management – A Helpdesk has a system that gathers information during incident management to help spot problems.  This system will identify the root cause of frequent recurring incidents by capturing information in a knowledge base.
  • Asset Management – A Helpdesk acts as the keepers of the user accounts along with asset list. This will ensure quicker response time for end users

Help Desk Priority strength

Help desks prioritize IT incidents according to an organization’s strategic plan.

We will categorize tickets based on the priority. The priority will be assigned by the helpdesk coordinator.

The priorities of the tickets are as follows:

Urgent – A ticket is categorized Urgent when the problem effects the entire organization or a group of users.

High – A ticket is categorized as High when the problem does allow an individual to perform any function of the asset for which the ticket is raised.

Normal – A ticket is categorized as Normal when an individual is not able to perform one of the functions on the asset for which ticket is raised.

Low – A ticket is categorized as Low when an individual is not able to perform some minor functions on the asset for which ticket is raised. Here the end user will be able to continue work on the system.

Methods to log a call

Here are the methods by which you can log a call:

Through portal:   Login to our portal with your credentials.

Click on “Submit New Ticket” and in the next screen fill the relevant details and click on “Submit a ticket” button.

Through email: You can send a mail to with a appropriate subject line and brief description on the problem as the body of the mail and a ticket is created.

Please note that features like – priority, department and category fields cannot be selected in this option.

Through phone: You can call our helpdesk coordinator or sales account manager to log a call on your behalf.

Support levels and Escalations

We have SLAs for all calls based on the priority and based on the support option is the customer has opted for.

Urgent priority calls will be responded by 3 business hours

High priority calls will be responded by 4 business hours

Normal priority calls will be responded by 6 business hours

Low priority calls will be responded by 8 business hours


We follow the security norms as per best industry practices and will protect your corporate information. Each corporate will be provided individual login which does not permit others from viewing or accessing your data.

We keep you data / information confidential.