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HP 3PAR Maintenance & Support

Customers worldwide are looking to Navigator System to provide third party HP 3PAR maintenance. The high price of HP’s 3PAR Care Pack contracts is among the primary reasons clients seek alternatives, but Navigator System Support Technologies offers more than savings. We supply the highest quality, most cost-efficient support solution in the market.

Our top performing HP 3PAR maintenance solution includes:

  • Remote monitoring and notification.
  • Local HP 3PAR support engineer assigned to your account.
  • Level 3 engineers trained in HP 3PAR maintenance.
  • On-site spare parts kit.
  • Support for current and legacy arrays.

Customers trust us with their most mission critical HP 3PAR equipment because we consistently meet or exceed SLAs, resolve even the most complicated problems, and provide the personalized, proactive support required to minimize downtime and enhance performance. What’s more, no other provider offers as much in their basic contract as Navigator System. You can expect:


HP 3PAR Maintenance & Support

60% -80% Savings on HP Server Annual maintenance Contract

We cover all Intel x86-based server support – Rackmount, Tower and Blade form factors and multi-node MicroServers for post-warranty coverage. We Provide our HP Server AMC Services in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderbad, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi.

Key Benefits


  •  Integrated 3PAR hardware and OS support for one price per product per year.
  •  Proactive system management to keep your environment operating efficiently.
  •  Flexibility to choose a level of service to match the criticality of each product.
  •  Comprehensive hardware and network support.
  •  Greater reliability and performance.

Supported Hardware

Navigator System supports the following 3PAR products. If you do not see your product listed, contact us and we can confirm that we support it.

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  • Inserv E200
  • Inserv F200
  • Inserv F400
  • Inserv S200
  • Inserv S400
  • Inserv S800
  • Inserv T400
  • Inserv T800
  • StoreServ 10000
  • StoreServ 7200
  • StoreServ 7400
  • V400