IT Asset Management – ITAM

Navigator system Help Desk Software helps to reduce your workload so you simplify your asset tracking and inventory. You can view, secure, control, and manage your assets in single portal.

Get the correct information where you need it, when you need it actually with a solution that automatically displays relevant information along your support tickets.

Important Elements in ITAM program are understand, identify, define the requirement of goals, of the organization.


  • Involve all multi stake-holder in development and implementation.
  • Establish consistent policies with goals and requirements.
  • Procure and apply tools to manage assets throughout their lifestyle.
  • Train your staff to hold them accountable to policies and expectations
  • Implement process to evaluate and continually improve the system
  • Integrate solutions with providers to benefit from their additional resources.
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Service Management – ITIL4 Compliant Software
Project management – PRINCE2 compliant software

Patch Management

NSPL Patch Management integrate one or multi devices update with the latest security patches and updates.

Not only for Security Patches, it is also necessary for bug fixes or to add new functionality.

IT Asset Lifecycle

Infrastructure Such as Servers, Storage, Network devices, data centers that your company has procured to operate. IT Rental, for example, 3rd party infrastructure may be considered assets. BYOD are not considered.

License purchased to use for a period of time considered as Asset. Rich media and managing digital rights and permissions are called Digital data which  is valued as an IT asset and maintained through its lifecycle.

Inventory Management

Navigator System ITAM software helps to detect the hardware, software, and network assets across your organization and then capture, record, and make the data available as needed.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

A Centralized repository to record IT assets, their configuration and relationships. Their attributes can be Model, Service Tag, Processor Name and so on.

Determine the relationships and inter dependencies between IT assets. This information can be used to drive effective decision-making and IT management across a variety of key processes and functions

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