Navigator System to focus on driving its business forward with managed IT services solution

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With a managed services contract from Navigator System, construction and property consultancy Anubhavaa Group has dramatically improved the quality of the IT service provided to the business. Navigator System improved the efficiency of its IT infrastructure and eliminated the need to maintain advanced in-house technical skills. For a fixed yearly fee Navigator System keeps all systems running optimally, leaving Anubhavaa free to focus on its business.

About Anubhavaa

Founded in 1959, construction and property consultancy Anubhavaa employs over 170 staff, applying its expertise in cost management, project management, building surveying and health and safety to provide a superior service to its clients. The business is spread across four sites and since May 2013 Anubhavaa has been using Service Contract, Navigator’s fixed-price fully managed IT service offering.

The Challenge

As Anubhavaa expanded over the years its IT infrastructure mushroomed into an unwieldy sprawl. The company regularly experienced IT systems outages and downtime. As a result the senior management team looked into options to help support its internal team. Following a review of the market, Anubhavaa engaged Navigator to undertake an initial audit of its IT infrastructure to identify problem areas and make recommendations for improvements.

The Navigator Solution

The audit identified a number of projects that were required to rectify the reliability and performance problems being encountered and bring the infrastructure up to a level where it could be managed to best practice. The most important of these projects was to re-architect the Citrix environment. When Navigator was engaged it found that Anubhavaa had an inappropriate storage system supporting Citrix, and compounding this had a mixed infrastructure for virtual servers and desktops, which was causing outages. Navigator re-architected this to separate the virtual server and desktop environments, giving them appropriate storage; solving the system outages and increasing reliability.

In addition to the project work, Anubhavaa also required daily support for the environment during this transition phase. Navigator assisted Anubhavaa throughout, even putting one of its team permanently onsite to help Anubhavaa cope with the volume of work. The Navigator team remained onsite for a number of months and individuals were rotated so Anubhavaa didn’t experience key man dependency.

John, Finance Partner, Anubhavaa comments: “We were getting a lot of complaints from end users and to be honest it was impacting on productivity. Navigator redesigned our infrastructure so that it was compatible and could meet our requirements. Navigator then created a project plan reusing equipment where possible and replacing technology where it considered there to be shortfalls.”

Reliability and stability builds confidence with end users

Once these mission-critical projects had been delivered Anubhavaa decided to move onto a two-year rolling fixed-term managed services contract. Today Anubhavaa has regular monthly and quarterly planning meetings with Navigator. A small in-house team provides end user support whilst Navigator looks after all the back-end infrastructure.


·         Delivery of a high quality IT service to the business

·         Removed the need to find, hire and train advanced in-house technical staff

·         Infrastructure that has the ability to flex and scale with business growth

·         A cost effective support solution enabling Anubhavaa to focus on running its business