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Oracle SPARC server T4-2 Server Support, Maintenance, Repair, AMC Service

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Oracle SPARC server T4-2 Server AMC Support and Maintenance

Navigator System offers Support and maintenance for SPARC T4-2 server is the latest two-socket system in the Oracle SPARC T-series line of servers designed for business critical applications and database workloads.

SPARC T4-2 server, powered by the SPARC T4 processor is optimized to deliver transaction and Web services, including Java™ 2 Platform and Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) technology application services, Enterprise application services such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and distributed databases.


SPARC T4-2 server is equipped with two SPARC T4 processors and 32 DIMM slots, which can support a total of 1 TB of memory when populated with 32 GB DIMMs. Oracle’s SPARC T4-2 server utilizes the new SPARC T4 server processor, offering a five times increase in single-thread performance over its predecessor, the SPARC T3.

To achieve this five times increase in single-thread performance the SPARC T4 processor utilizes eight complex cores, deeper pipelines, out-of-order execution, sophisticated branch prediction, dedicated 128K L2 cache per core, a shared 4MB L3 cache, and a higher frequency 2.85GHz clock.

Orcale Sparc T4-2 rack server amc,  support and maintenance available from Navigator System. We offer affordable repair, service, installation, AMC, Warranty Upgrade and one-time break-fix on storage features.