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Oracle SPARC T4-4 Server Support, Maintenance, Repair, AMC Service

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Oracle SPARC T4-4 Server AMC Support and Maintenance

Navigator System offers Support and maintenance for Oracle SPARC T4-4 Server is the most powerful server in the T-Series product family delivering unsurpassed single and multi-thread throughput performance.

The SPARC T4-4 powered by the SPARC T4 processor is a versatile, high performance, highly scalable four-socket server, delivers outstanding single and multi-thread throughput performance and boasts speed, security, and availability in a compact 5 RU design.

The SPARC T4-4 optimized for data-intensive and enterprise workloads.

The SPARC T4-4 server supports 64 DDR3 memory DIMM slots, sixteen Express Module form factor PCI-Express Gen2 slots and up to eight 2.5-inch hard disks.

Processor supported:

The SPARC T4-4 server supports up to four SPARC T4 processors running at 3.0 GHz, and up to 256 threads of computing in a power and supported with Eight floating-point units.

The Sparc T4processor has new on-chip Encryption Instruction Accelerators with direct non-privileged support for 16 industry-standard cryptographic  algorithms plus random number generation such as  AES, Camellia, CRC32c, DES, 3DES, DH, DSA, ECC, Kasumi, MD5, RSA, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512  in each of the eight cores.

The Sparc T4processor supports shared L3, 4MB cache and eight cores with a private L2 128K cache.

The SPARC T4 processor incorporates new features such as Out-Of-Order (OOO) execution of instructions, branch prediction using a simple neural net algorithm, cryptographic processing.

Oracle SPARC T4-4 Server amc,  support and maintenance available from Navigator System. We offer affordable repair, service, installation, AMC, Warranty Upgrade and one-time break-fix on storage features.