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SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Support, Maintenance, Repair, AMC Service

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SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server AMC Support and Maintenance

Navigator System offers Support and maintenance for SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server features two rack units (RU) and supports one processor chip and up to 64 GB of memory. The SPARC64 VII/VII+ (dual-core or quad-core) processor chip is mounted on the motherboard. The I/O subsystem of the SPARC Enterprise M3000 server features four short internal PCI Express slots, four internal disk drives, one internal DVD drive, and an external SAS port for attaching additional storage or tape device units. Two power supplies and two fan units power and cool the server.

SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server amc,  support and maintenance available from Navigator System. We offer affordable repair, service, installation, AMC, Warranty Upgrade and one-time break-fix on storage features.