Sun/Oracle Maintenance and Support

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Navigator System offers a responsive, local Sun/Oracle maintenance and support solution. Experienced, certified Sun engineers are available 24/7 to diagnose and resolve technical issues, and strategically placed parts depots and on-site spares kits ensure failures are quickly rectified.

Sun/Oracle Maintenance and Support Sun/Oracle Maintenance and Support

Our online self-help and monitoring tools provide proactive, preemptive, and predictive support, empowering you to keep systems operating at peak performance and to address issues before they cascade.

And with Navigator System, all this and more is included in one affordable contract.

Key Benefits

  •  Certified Sun technicians available nationwide 24/7.
  •  Better than manufacturer service levels at a fraction of the cost.
  •  Proactive system management that minimizes downtime.
  •  Flexibility and coverage that helps stretch your Sun support budget.
  •  Fully stocked depots for faster and more reliable fix times.
  •  Integrated un hardware and OS support for one price per product per year.
  •  Resources for proactive system management so you can keep your environment, and your business, running efficiently.
  •  Flexibility to choose a level of service that matches the criticality of each product.

Supported Hardware

Navigator System supports the following Oracle/Sun Microsystems products. If you do not see your product listed, contact us and we can confirm that we support it.

Sun Hardware

  • Sun Fire
  • Sun Enterprise
  • Sun Blades
  • Sun Workstations
  • Netra Servers
  • Sun Storage
  • StorageTek Storage

Sun/Oracle StorEdge

  • SE9990
  • SE9980
  • SE9970
  • SE9960
  • SE9910

Axiom Storage System

  • Pillar Axiom 500
  • Pillar Axiom 600