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SUN StorageTek SL24 Tape Library Support, Maintenance, Repair, Service, AMC

For Sale & AMC of SUN StorageTek SL24 +91 998 628 8377 or Email sales@navigatorsystem.com

SUN StorageTek SL24 Tape Library Support and Maintenance

  • Native capacity up to 36 TB with an LTO5 tape drive.
  • Broad interface support.
  • Ideal for replicated systems.
  • Tape drive choices provide investment protection for changing performance and capacity needs.
  • SCSI, SAS, and FC interfaces provide for flexible integration into your environment.
  • Remote administration capabilities allow offsite control, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.


STK StorageTek SL24 Tape Library Maintenance and Repair from Navigator System. We offer affordable service, repair and maintenance on tape libraries, tape drives, picker assemblies, power supplies and other tape library features.