Support & Troubleshooting

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Support Services

Moving a server or storage system requires special care, and Navigator System is not responsible for the repair of faults caused by the system relocation or alteration of the systems hardware or software configuration.

You have to provide the address details of where the product is being physically held and you must alert our Navigator service delivery team if these address details change.

To assist our onsite engineer in the diagnostics and timely recovery of a failed system, you must ensure that the technician can gain access to the system requiring service quickly.

You are responsible to maintain backups of any data stored on the system and have backups available so you may restore your system to usability. You must accept that data may be lost from the system during maintenance and repair.

Racks, Fibre Channel switches, and externally attached devices are not included in the system warranty. All application programs, operating system software, and third party products are excluded from our warranty. Also, externally mounted peripherals such as keyboards, monitors, hot swap hard drives, all tape backup devices such as DLT, DDS are in Next Business Day (NBD) support. A separate warranty must be purchased for each blade server and chassis for example.

Professional Support for Data center & Mission critical

24×7 and 4 Hour Response Warranty Details

Telephone support will be arranged after a diagnosis has been completed through Level3 Engineer.

Navigator Support services are covered by an Advance replacement warranty. The service warranty will begin seven days after delivery

Our onsite visit from a qualified engineer to repair hardware fault within four hours of the diagnosis. Our comprehensive warranty will cover the cost of OEM Spare parts and also labor needed for the repair.

Next Business Day Warranty

If the repair is necessary by onsite technician call to diagnose the reported fault is identified, Navigator System will endeavor to provide an onsite service call between 10AM and 6PM on the next business day following diagnosis of a fault.

The services are limited in designated response areas which will be pre-informed by your account manager.

Advance Replacement Warranty

Advance Replacement for a hardware fault if the replacement is deemed necessary by a Tele-support Technician prior to 5PM hours on the day is required.

Our comprehensive warranty will cover the cost of parts for any OEM manufactured parts needed for the repair.</p.

Trouble Shooting

For maximum customer uptime, Navigator System meant for maximum discoverability of server hardware problems and least cost of repair. Our well-trained service engineer whose job it is to diagnose and repair for issues Normal Startup and Boot on the Network Server, No LCD Display, No Power at All in server, Launch issues of Open Firmware, No Unix Login, Crash After Boot (888 on LCD), Does Not Configure Added Hardware and Some Common (Re-)Assembly Problem, LED state Issues.

LED State              Meaning

Solid Green           A device is connected to the port

No LED lit              There is no detectable link or check the connection

Blinking Green      Activity on the device

Fast Blinking         Faulty connection

Solid Red              Faulty device

Blinking Amber      Collisions on the network