Terms & condition

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Terms and conditions:

Before signing the AMC, Service Provider’s Engineer will visit the site and inspect all the products for their health condition and will note down the model, serial number and make of the products that would be covered under this AMC.

First-time default installation shall be done by the Third Party Vendor who supplies the Hardware/Software.

Any deviation from standard build hardware or software configuration may require additional training to Service Provider’s engineer and will attract additional charges, to be mutually agreed upon.

In the case of any technical failure in the machine, the machine part will be replaced by a similar part by the Service Provider from their existing stock, subject to parts availability, within the next business day.

Any physical movement of the equipment covered by this AMC should be informed to the Service Provider in advance, failing which, the Service Provider shall not be responsible for any damages caused during such physical movement.

While under AMC, the Client shall not open, upgrade or remove the resources of the machine without prior notice to the Service Provider.

In case any of the equipment cannot be repaired at the site, the Service Provider shall take the equipment to the service center, get it repaired and re-install at the Client’s site, assuming complete responsibility for the equipment.  Client shall extend all necessary assistance to the Service Provider to move the equipment from the Client’s premises.

While under AMC, authorization of access to the machine is restricted only to Service Provider.  In case machine needs to be accessed by Client in an emergency, Client shall take Service Provider’s permission prior to accessing the machinery.

The AMC agreement can be terminated by either party on mutual agreement, giving one month’s notice and the Service Provider shall refund the value proportionally on pro rata basis, which was paid in advance.

Service Engineer and technicians:

  • Trained Engineers and Technicians shall be deputed for the provision of services.
  • Engineers and Technicians should follow the applicable Client rules and regulation as per the site to which they are assigned.
  • They should carry Navigator Systems ID when visiting Client facility and produce relevant documents during their visit.
  • Service Provider’s ENGINEERS should carry the required tools and tackles for the maintenance activities.
  • Any Damages caused to Client equipment or facilities by the deputed Engineers or Technicians will be recoverable from the Service Provider.

Response time should be maintained as per levels specified in the Service Level agreement- Annexure -V

Service Provider and the engineers deputed by it are expected to maintain any information relating to Client as confidential and the same shall not be disclosed to any third party without authorization from Client.

Service Provider hereby agrees that in the event of any damage/theft/pilferage of MPS LIMITED materials/properties, the security officer in charge shall subject the Service Provider’s workmen to a thorough enquiry and if any of the workmen are found to be guilty of such offence, Service Provider shall be held responsible and should make good the loss, if any, thus suffered by Client.

Service Provider or the workmen deployed by it, shall never directly or indirectly disclose, transfer or use any information deemed confidential by CLIENT which it or its deputed workmen may have access to or come to know of in discharging their duties.

Service Provider hereby indemnifies and will keep CLIENT at all times indemnified against any acts of omission, negligence, dishonesty or misconduct or any kind of accidents relating to its workmen deployed in the premises of CLIENT.  It is expressly understood that CLIENT shall not be liable to pay damages or compensation to such persons or to any third party as a consequence of such acts.

Service Provider hereby indemnifies and will keep CLIENT at all times indemnified against any statutory claims from authorities in respect of statutory obligations of Service Provider.  In the event of CLIENT being made to pay any statutory liabilities of Service Provider, in its capacity as ‘Principal Employer’, Service Provider shall reimburse CLIENT for such sums paid, immediately on receipt of information of such payment from CLIENT.