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Navigator System Provides Dell EqualLogic PS6000X Hard drive Storage, It is a cost-effective enterprise-class iSCSI SAN with SAS performance. This hard drive array provides rapid deployment, simplified administration, reliability, enterprise performance and seamless scalability by combining automation and intelligence with fault tolerance.

  • The PS6000X array has 10,000 RPM SAS disk drives, to provide the total storage capacity of about 9.6 TB  of storage for affordable performance and capacity. This storage features a redesigned controller with double the memory of its previous generation storage. Read and write performance are improved by d a fourth Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • Like all the other PS series storage this one also has the capability to automatically build RAID sets, sense network connections, and regular health checks to make sure that all components are functioning well. The PS6000X is designed with intelligence to provide simple and easy management, quick installation and seamless expansion to configured, installed and server storage within one hour.
  • Virtualized modular storage architecture prevents over-provisioning and underutilization of storage and helps the IT managers to buy only the storage hardware that required for their current needs. With data management technology it is possible that all EqualLogic PS storages in a SAN can work along to load balance across all resources, automatically manage data and scalable to meet expanding storage needs.
  • The PS6000X has dual fan trays, standard dual-controllers, dual power supplies, and disk drives with hot spares are fully redundant and hot-swappable to provide fault tolerance capabilities.

Enterprise data services and software feature licenses for management, data protection, availability, recovery, Storage virtualization, maintenance, server management and protection integration available with this storage at free of cost. This PS 6000X storage scalable for demand and online provides uninterrupted storage growth without andy disturbances to applications.

Overall Dell EqualLogic PS 6000X storage is a self-managing and high-performance storage array build to suit the needs of modern data center environments.

End of Service Life (EOSL) for Dell EqualLogic PS6000X-Hard drive Storage Hardware Products

Model                                                                                                           EOSL (end of service life)

Dell EqualLogic PS6000X-Hard drive Storage                                   11/11/2018

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